Stockholm Rocks May 2016

Hey Music friends! 

Last night in case you might have noticed, Stockholm Rocks Festival took place in Debaser Medis. We basically watched all the performances there, (Avatarium, Grand Magus and Inglorious) but we would like to focus mostly in this post on the Allegiance of Rock. 

Allegiance of Rock is a group created with Gus G. on the guitar, Mats Leven on the vocals, Anders Johansson on the drums and John Leven on the bass. In case you follow my posts, you will already know that as a blogger my very first interview was done a little more than a year ago with Gus G. He was the very first artist that I ever interviewed. Ironically enough, our home towns are so close to each other but I guess I had to be living here to get to know him. That’s the beauty of music. Last night the Allegiance of Rocks covered Europe songs, Scorpions songs, Firewind songs and not only. 

I rarely write about people that I know personally because I believe that when you do so, your judgement lacks impartiality. I mostly prefer to write about artists that I don’t know in person, because then my opinion will be as honest as possible. But then again, sometimes this is how it goes. When you love your friend’s art, you are going to support it. And this is exactly what we did last night. 

Even though I might not have been around live shows as many years as I would wish, but with the experience that I have on my sleeve I can say with the most certainty that Gus is one of the most talented guitar players that I have seen live. I highly admire and respect the artistic passion that he has for his music. The way he plays makes you feel that he is a moving fireball up on the stage that never stops moving until the lights shut down. It is almost like he is not real at this point. I think the way he plays hides a deep authenticity and rawness, something that most individual artists but also bands lack nowadays. 

To be honest, I have not been paying attention to his whole background carrier, both with Firewind but also as a name himself, but like I always say, at the end of the day you don’t really need to be a super expert to understand somebody’s boundless talent. 

It was a very beautiful night last night and this is the part where I thank Sun Hill Productions for our VIP passes. Now the clock is ticking for the next wave of Stockholm Rocks Festival. 

Feel free to take a look on the pictures below and also to comment anything musically related. 🙂

Have a great new week my friends with lots of music! 🙂 

Ps: If you ever see a girl with extremely high heels, long hair and a camera, that’s me, come say hey! 🙂 



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