“You said your life needed something special, well here I am.”

Hey dear music friends! 

I have been thinking a lot before creating this post, but I finally decided that I want to share it. I do believe that some things are better kept for very few, but just like I always do, I wanted to publicly share one more night in my music life. 

I am not sure if what I am about to write will get personal, or too personal but this is what I know; Creating a post about one of the people that have convinced me to believe in myself, and creating it from where I stand now, is as personal as it can get. 

About ten years ago, around my fifteenth year of age, I finally realized that no matter how life turns out to be, I will try my best to put my life in the music path. That was a thing that I got really made fun of, mostly by my teachers at school. Saying to a middle school teacher back in those days that you want to work with music management, was a thing that most of them wouldn’t understand. And as a consequence of that, they would make fun of it. 

Around this time, a new TV series started playing on the television. A series that to its most part was based in art and music. The series was called “One Tree Hill.” And there was this girl I loved in that show. She had curly, blonde hair, she always had on a Ramones or Guns N’ Roses t-shirt on and she lived in her own reality surrounded by music. In a reality that she created for herself because she couldn’t bare the one that she was living. She was always lost in her own world, drawing sketches, filling her room’s walls with endless tunes from her vinyls. The Doors, Cure, Queens of the Stone age. 

It was a character I couldn’t relate more really. She believed in herself, in her power and her ruthless hunger to meet people who actually create this art in the first place. As a part of her character was also to find new local acts and help them play in any local scene she could find. And when she reached a point when she couldn’t make it happen, she created the chance on her own, and created a new music scene where all the local acts should be feeling free to share their art with the world. 

The music created for this show was officially released on records by CW, something that I rushed to find out about. There were so many good music acts, acts that made you believe that it is not going to be easy maintaining the steps forward. But it is going to be worth it. It is going to be okay. Even if you are the only one believing in yourself and your abilities. 

One of the acts that I have really loved was an artist called Tyler Hilton. He was also part of the series at some point, playing an artist named Chris Keller. Tyler Hilton’s talent was something that you could instantly sense once you took a glimpse in his music. He convinced you that it shouldn’t be anything more than that really, but a talented person up on a stage, with a guitar in his hands and his voice to let your imagination fly away and take you anywhere you possibly want. Make you believe all the things that you want to believe, make music be about what it should be. Authentic and real. Moments in the show that I have been wishing to be a part of in real life for more than ten years. I used to always think that it could be possible at some point, but how could it be when I am sitting in a room on the other side of the world, having no idea what music really is, or how it actually works. How, when, could it really happen. Three words that I have been asking myself for so long. 

As the years have been passing by and with one way or another I am where I am today, there is still a part in me that wants to believe in that girl’s passion in the show. Like she is a part of me and I can relate to her through music. There is this connection that not all people can understand. And a part of this connection is also the fact that I wanted to see and meet all the artists that she did when she was like me. 

Last Thursday, a teenage wish of mine came true. Tyler Hilton was in town. In a music scene that I have never been before. It  was all new. I didn’t know how I should feel except from the fact that I felt I was a part of One Tree Hill. Just like I have been wishing for ten years now. But besides that, should I really be crying through all of his show? That would be a bit weird wouldn’t it.. So I tried to hold back my tears, at least for as long as he was playing up on that stage. 

He said that he has been making music longer than we would know and he used to travel from country to country in Europe playing music on the streets for coins. Most artists nowadays don’t really like talking about “the struggle”. It is not pretty, it is not fun, and as a part of the new- trending -washed- up artistic “Life style”, it is not interesting. But he is not like that. He is a humble true artist, that wasn’t afraid to share his struggle with us that night. Real and authentic. And that is what constantly attracts me in artistry. I couldn’t relate more to his words this night. The struggle. It hides secrets, dark ones, but it also hides the truth, the pain, and the reason why you stand where you stand today. To me, this is what matters. 

As he was standing up on that stage and I was constantly trying to hide my tears from falling, I was thinking that I want to talk to him after the show. I want to share my story, even if I have to do it in thirty seconds. He has to know it. This kind of story telling can be very inspirational for an artist. At least I have heard so. 

Before the last song of his, and as it was one of the “One tree hill” ones, he jumped down from the small stage and came right in the middle of the crowd. He said “Now you will all have a taste of what I did in the streets of Europe a long time ago. I am not going to use any microphone so try to be really quiet.” 

He came in between us and we created a circle around him. The lights were really dim, and you could only see the camera lights of people’s phones gathered around him. He took a deep breath and scratched his guitar; and then “Dancing when the stars go blue….” A clear moment of pure happiness. 

After that last song, he left his guitar on stage and came around us. He said “I want to hang out with all of you and meet you all in person. Let’s do it.” 

I was there waiting with my sister for the rest of the kids to take a picture with him and at the same time I was thinking, should I really tell him what’s on my mind? But then.. The next thought of mine was, that he was real with us, so the least I can do is return this realness back. 

As I reached out to him and gave him a hug, I told him, “Hey Tyler, my name is Irene, I am greek, not really from around, but I have known you and have been in love with your music for more than ten years now. We have been waiting for you to come here all this time, we are so glad that you finally made it.” 

He couldn’t believe his ears; “Are you serious? Wow, I can’t believe it. I am so glad you guys came to the show. I will try my best to be back soon.” He seemed so surprised. Like how can music actually be this powerful to travel all the widths of Earth. I know. I ask myself the same thing every day. 

After we hugged and said goodbye for the night, he reached out to us again, and thanked us again for joining the show, with a big smile wrapped around his face. 

When we walked out and I was finally able to cry, I really did feel like I was a part of a show. Like this wasn’t us that night. It was definitely Jesus. Or maybe it was us. Because we never stopped believing that something like that could happen. A lot of people might tell you, or you may see it written somewhere “Nothing is impossible.” But do you really believe it? Because from my life experience, if you are not the one that believes it to its chore, nobody will do it for you. And when your mind finally clicks, and you start believing, everything will be put on its place. Everything will make sense and start being beautiful again. If you don’t believe it, take this post as an example. And use it anytime you feel blurry. At the end of the day, this is why I decided to publish it. 

I am sitting here in my balcony in this Swedish summer evening wondering if it really happened, and I remind myself that it did. I have the pictures as a proof. You can do the same someday. It is not that hard once you start to believe. 

Tyler Hilton’s music to us was a distant light somewhere in that tunnel. But we managed to reach out to that light and make it ours. Kind of like the symbolism of hope. I really hope and wish for you all to be able to do the same if you feel this way about music. 

Here are some pictures that we took that night. They were not taken the “professional way”, just in a way that music helped two girls change their stars. 

Have a great new week my friends, with lots of music, and take care. 🙂 

IMG_5911IMG_5912IMG_5892 IMG_5893IMG_5924.PNGIMG_5913IMG_5914IMG_5923FullSizeRender

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