Rocktober Fest 2016

Hey Dear Friends!

Last night Rocktober Fest took place once more, here in Stockholm at Annexet. Grand Theft Culture, Lillasyster and Danko Jones made sure that they fill in the place with Rock n’ roll tunes, along with an endless amount of beer from Gotland’s brew, specially made for the occasion.

I had never seen any of the above bands live before, something which made the night even more exciting. Grand Theft Culture, to start with, have an amazing sound, really into today’s music with a very rhythmic beat that constantly surrounded the stage. The crowd seemed to be very supportive and into their music as soon as they got up on stage.

Lillasyster to continue with, delivered a great show. I loved and enjoyed every minute of it and so did the rest of the house. It was said that they may be the best Swedish band live and I can now understand why. They have this sound that can be hard to forget once you leave their show. You are going to be able to recognize them once you hear their music for the first time.

Danko Jones from Canada to sum up with were the best band to end the night with. They got up on stage with a packed house and made sure that they rock it out. The audience sang along every single one of their songs and they themselves seemed thrilled and eager to give out more and more.

Here are a few moments captured on my camera along with a couple of Spotify links to check out last night’s bands. Also a link to my Instagram account to check out a couple of performance videos, in case you haven’t already. 🙂

Have a great Saturday day/ night my friends, Happy Halloween, have fun and take care! 🙂



Grand Theft Culture

img_7625 img_7627 img_7629 img_7631 img_7641 img_7642 img_7643img_7633


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Danko Jones

2016-10-28-22-06-282016-10-28-22-06-44 2016-10-28-22-07-10 2016-10-28-22-07-33 2016-10-28-22-07-53 2016-10-28-22-08-00 2016-10-28-22-08-41 2016-10-28-22-10-10 2016-10-28-22-10-51 2016-10-28-22-16-49 2016-10-28-22-18-16 2016-10-28-22-19-06 2016-10-28-22-21-57

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