I am the Echelon

Hey friends!

A few days ago, I had a new tattoo done and decided to share the story. I’ve always wanted to dedicate some ink to these three guys that have helped me to not lose my faith. I cannot even remember since when I started loving their music, but the more the years passed, the more I realized that this is way more than music. It is Love, it is Lust, it is Faith and it’s my Dreams. I grew up watching Jared’s movies, thinking when the time will come when I will be blessed enough to see him for the first time. And when the time came, it was all like a beautiful lie. I saw him, I jumped on stage with him, I believed that it was all true. And if I can do it, that means that anybody can. So here is to the whole Echelon family and to everybody who has the same vision like me in life. Here’s to love, to lust, to faith and to our dreams. For all of time, forever. I love you Mars, I am the Echelon. ❤

Have a great new year beautiful friends, have fun, take care and enjoy the music!




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