An Acoustic Evening with Gavin Degraw 2017.04.19

Hey Friends!

A couple of hours ago Gavin Degraw performed in Stockholm in an acoustic show, in a fully packed house in Annexet!

Here are the moments captured on my camera, I hope you enjoy! 🙂

Have a great day/ night my friends with lots of music!



2017-04-19 19.44.042017-04-19 19.44.102017-04-19 19.44.562017-04-19 19.45.072017-04-19 19.45.292017-04-19 19.46.082017-04-19 19.46.482017-04-19 19.48.122017-04-19 19.49.152017-04-19 19.49.512017-04-19 19.51.492017-04-19 19.51.592017-04-19 19.52.372017-04-19 19.53.232017-04-19 19.55.172017-04-19 19.55.592017-04-19 19.56.112017-04-19 19.56.472017-04-19 19.57.00

Steve Stevens Live @ Kraken Stockholm 2017.04.12

Hey friends!

Last night Steve Stevens was in town for a unique show and Gus G played with him as a support act with an acoustic show.

I had the pleasure to shoot and capture some of these special moments. Feel free to take a look! 🙂



2017-04-12 20.06.532017-04-12 20.06.592017-04-12 20.17.272017-04-12 21.05.392017-04-12 21.05.542017-04-12 22.24.392017-04-12 22.24.492017-04-12 22.24.542017-04-12 22.25.132017-04-12 22.25.232017-04-12 22.25.272017-04-12 22.25.372017-04-12 22.25.472017-04-12 22.26.072017-04-12 22.26.152017-04-12 22.26.18


Hey friends!

Mando Diao have been very busy lately and have recently released a new song called “Shake”, as the first one of their upcoming album “Good times”. The new, eighth studio album is going to be released on the 12th of May.

Mando Diao will also be performing on June 5th here in Stockholm at a P3 Radio event called “P3 Älskar Stockholm”. The event is part of a series of events that P3 Radio often organizes in different cities in Sweden, and here in Stockholm it is going to take place in Slakthuset with the following artists :

The Sound Of Arrows
Little Jinder
Mando Diao

We will definitely be there to check out Mando Diao’s new work. If you will be too, see you there!

Useful links :

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Have a great day/ night my friends, with lots of music! 🙂




An Acoustic Night With Gavin Degraw 

Hey friends! 
Next week on Wednesday Gavin Degraw will be in town for an acoustic night live. I had the pleasure to shoot at his show in March 2014, almost three years ago. He has always been one of my One Tree Hill heros and his show stood up to my expectations. 

Here is a flashback link for you to enjoy the moments that I captured on my camera. 

Have a great Sunday my friends, be kind to one another and enjoy the music! 😊