Steve Stevens Live @ Kraken Stockholm 2017.04.12

Hey friends!

Last night Steve Stevens was in town for a unique show and Gus G played with him as a support act with an acoustic show.

I had the pleasure to shoot and capture some of these special moments. Feel free to take a look! 🙂



2017-04-12 20.06.532017-04-12 20.06.592017-04-12 20.17.272017-04-12 21.05.392017-04-12 21.05.542017-04-12 22.24.392017-04-12 22.24.492017-04-12 22.24.542017-04-12 22.25.132017-04-12 22.25.232017-04-12 22.25.272017-04-12 22.25.372017-04-12 22.25.472017-04-12 22.26.072017-04-12 22.26.152017-04-12 22.26.18

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