An Acoustic Night With Gavin Degraw 

Hey friends! 
Next week on Wednesday Gavin Degraw will be in town for an acoustic night live. I had the pleasure to shoot at his show in March 2014, almost three years ago. He has always been one of my One Tree Hill heros and his show stood up to my expectations. 

Here is a flashback link for you to enjoy the moments that I captured on my camera. 

Have a great Sunday my friends, be kind to one another and enjoy the music! 😊

Gavin Degraw

Last night I was at the Gavin Degraw show here in Stockholm. It was magical. It brought to life so many memories from my teenage hood. I have known Gavin Degraw since 2004, mostly from his song at the CW series, One Tree Hill.

Last night I had the pleasure to be at his show and shoot almost like a professional photographer. 🙂 I was so excited that this moment finally came and I was able to stand right in front of him, capture his amazing performance and also have so much fun. Along with me, there were a couple of other photographers , bloggers, journalists also to do pretty much the same thing with me. When the time came, a security guy came and picked us up from the press entrance and we started walking fast kinda like the walking that you see in action movies. We were heading towards the stage, passing through security guys, weird corridors, technicians who were working with lights, cables and so on. I soon realized that we were actually backstage and nowhere near the screaming crowd. I am pretty sure that somewhere around me, in some of those weird doors that we were passing by, Gavin Degraw with his band were preparing for the show. Exactly like I have been dreaming pretty much my whole life that the backstage of a rock show would be.

When we finally got in front of the stage, the excitement was beyond words, but I tried to pull it together you know ’cause that’s what professionals do haha! A couple of minutes later, there he was. Exactly like I used to see him on his record covers, on One Tree Hill, on his videos. He is such a good performer and he also has a great sense of humor. The show was amazing, with so much energy, passion and emotions. I really hope they come back really soon. I am going to ask them to take me with them next time they are around! Who knows maybe I can turn out to be their manager!

Here are the moments captured on my camera! You can also check out my instagram page, as I upload videos directly from the shows.

Enjoy! 🙂

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2014 In Pictures

2014 has been one for the most blessed years for me. I have managed to do so many stuff, made so many new friends, traveled quite a lot and experienced music more than ever. I shot and basically been to so many shows that I can actually say that have been life-changing. Thirty Seconds to Mars, Daughtry, Backstreet Boys, Gavin Degraw, H.E.A.T , Reckless Love, T.N.T , Europe, Aerosmith, GAGA, Rival Sons, Twin Atlantic, OUTLOUD, Stockholm Rocks, Väsby Rock Festival, Rockbåten 2014, are some of the artists and festivals I experienced live. Moments like that are really priceless. ❤ I really hope and wish that 2015 includes way more music and live shows, blessings and health. 🙂

Have a great happy new year my dear friends, take care and be careful these days.

All love from cold Sweden.

❤ 🙂


Peyton and me

Peyton Sawyer is a figure of an american teen series called One Tree Hill. I started watching it when it first started on greek TV. I was 16 by that time. There was a teenage girl in these series that by the very first moments you could realize her passion for music. The only things she ever wanted to have in her life were : Music and Love. And love for music.

I got really influenced by her, because a lot of girls in my class told me several times that I looked exactly like her. She used to have long, curly, blonde hair and wear leather black jackets and boots. I loved that look ever since I was a kid and I used to be blonde by that time of my life, so it may happened that I looked actually like her.

What I loved most about her was the fact that she never gave up on the people she loved and on music. Everyone who wanted to know about music, or organize events or get to know artists, Peyton was their person. I really admired her for that even if she was just a caracter.

The thing that I have to remember about her and I mention her now, because Tree Hill is on the TV again, is that she knew who she loved since she was 17 and she never gave up on him. And every time she had troubles or worries, music was always her company. She always expressed herslef with art and music when she couldn’t do it with words.

That’s Peyton



And that’s me.



I don’t really know if we look alike, I think maybe we do a little bit, what do you think?? 😀


And last but not least, this is a music blog, so here is the series’s soundtrack by Gavin Degraw an american alternative rock artist. I love the refrain of it “I don’t wanna be anything other than what I’ve been, tryna be lately, all I have to do is think of me and I got piece of mind. I’m tired of looking around ‘rooms wondering what I gotta do, or who I’m supposed to be, I don’t wanna be anything other than me.”