Hey dear music lovers! 🙂

This blog was created about three years ago by a little girl who has always believed in the power of music. The idea and the concept behind it is to shed light to the music opportunities that exist not only in the city of Stockholm but all across Scandinavia.

By creating this digital platform, I wanted to give the opportunity to a wider audience to experience life in Stockholm city through the music perspective, written and motivated by someone who has already been living here and who has experienced music’s different aspects in the beautiful capital of Scandinavia.

Do you believe that it is the every day heroes that can change the world? Or that music can save lives? I truly believe so and this is exactly why I hold on to it so many years now and I drag strength from its power. If you feel the same way, if you love being around a stage more than anything, if you are so passionate about the lights, the stamina, the action, the screams, the music, the smoke, the anticipation, the smiles, then feel free to check every inch of this blog.

Since it is mainly focused on live music experiences, you can find hundreds of pictures on the gallery section from a lot of different shows, festivals, gigs, cruises, radio shows, acoustic sessions and music related events mostly in Stockholm, but not only.

Being around so many different artists and musicians the past three years, it made me realize how great and priceless it is to be able to find yourself, to believe in your dreams and to find your own path in life. And even if I have been to hundreds of shows and festivals in my life, it feels so new and so different every single time. Every show, every concert, every live act is a big deal and it matters. Even if you love some bands more than others, you should still feel the same way once those lights go down and the music fills up the room. It is all about letting yourself enjoy and live for the moment, forget about your troubles and fears and just smile and sing along.

If you are like me and you literally cannot live without music in your life, I truly hope and wish that you will enjoy being around this site as much as I do with creating and working with it.

Feel free to contact me anytime, regarding anything music related!