Volbeat Live @ Friends Arena Stockholm 2017.09.09

Hey friends!

Last night was a night that I have been waiting for since past December. Volbeat were in town to perform at Friends Arena as a part of their ” Seal the deal and let’s boogie” 2017  European tour.

I have been writing about Volbeat on this blog every single time I found the tiniest motivation and I can actually tell with the most certainty that last night was worth every piece I have written here and even more.

Yesterday was the third time I saw them live and in my opinion was the absolute best. On top of that I had the opportunity to shoot at their show for the very first time. I couldn’t help it but feel so lucky and blessed that I had the chance to shoot a band that means personally so much to me. Their show was so beautiful and humbling that I could stay there forever.

At this point allow me to link one of my favorite Volbeat stories from the past pieces that I have written here and along with that please feel free to take a look at the moments that were captured on my camera last night, in a magnificent environment and mood here in Stockholm.


Have a great new week my friends with lots of music and positivity!



2017-09-09 21.25.212017-09-09 21.26.252017-09-09 21.26.362017-09-09 21.26.412017-09-09 21.30.022017-09-09 21.30.252017-09-09 21.30.352017-09-09 21.30.452017-09-09 21.30.492017-09-09 21.31.592017-09-09 21.32.042017-09-09 21.32.132017-09-09 21.32.152017-09-09 21.32.242017-09-09 21.32.382017-09-09 21.32.392017-09-09 21.32.442017-09-09 21.32.492017-09-09 21.32.592017-09-09 21.33.072017-09-09 21.33.112017-09-09 21.33.462017-09-09 21.33.542017-09-09 21.34.012017-09-09 21.34.212017-09-09 21.34.502017-09-09 21.35.192017-09-09 21.35.352017-09-09 21.35.442017-09-09 21.35.452017-09-09 21.35.50


An Acoustic Evening with Gavin Degraw 2017.04.19

Hey Friends!

A couple of hours ago Gavin Degraw performed in Stockholm in an acoustic show, in a fully packed house in Annexet!

Here are the moments captured on my camera, I hope you enjoy! 🙂

Have a great day/ night my friends with lots of music!



2017-04-19 19.44.042017-04-19 19.44.102017-04-19 19.44.562017-04-19 19.45.072017-04-19 19.45.292017-04-19 19.46.082017-04-19 19.46.482017-04-19 19.48.122017-04-19 19.49.152017-04-19 19.49.512017-04-19 19.51.492017-04-19 19.51.592017-04-19 19.52.372017-04-19 19.53.232017-04-19 19.55.172017-04-19 19.55.592017-04-19 19.56.112017-04-19 19.56.472017-04-19 19.57.00

Joanne Tour 

Good evening beautiful people. 😊  Yesterday I stood lucky and bought tickets to see this girl after 3 years of waiting. I already know what my outfit is gonna look like and so I will be patiently waiting until the end of October when I will see her again. She is my love, my angel and my savior. I will always be in love with her and there is no other girl on the planet that can put a smile on my face the way she does. See u in October angel. 🌹❤ 
Are u attending the Joanne tour this year? If so, where in the world? I hope that u do so and u are going to have the time of your life. 😊💓 



Happy Saturday 

Hey friends! Here’s me and my new hat and here’s me and my friends last night downtown at Harry B James where Reach had a gig. 😊

 I hope you have a great weekend with lots of music and fun with friends and family! 






Rockbåten Day 1

Last night was the first night in the Rock boat!! Everything in here is amazing, the mood the people, the music! Right now we are in Finland and around 5 in the evening we will head back to Stockholm. As about the live acts, last night there were a couple of tribute bands and also Black Star Riders in the main stage. Here’s a couple of pics from last night and there are more to come in a while! Tonight H.E.A.T will be playing live around 21.00 and I will be there with my camera. Have a great weekend friends! 😄❤️