Monolith Tour

Probably a lot of people including myself have been patiently waited for almost four years until Thirty Seconds to Mars release new music and new tour dates. Now as most of you already know, two tracks from their upcoming album have already been released, “Walk on Water” and “Dangerous night”. The band is starting their European tour tonight in Basel – Switzerland and visiting Sweden on two different dates, April 22nd and August 20th.

Click the link below to read a personal Thirty Seconds to Mars story of mine, including pictures of my 30STM tattoo.

Am I going to see you in any of these dates?


Here’s a sneak pic of the Monolith tour, posted at official Thirty Seconds to Mars Instagram about an hour ago, which for some reason has been already taken down.

See you this summer at the Monolith Tour! ❤





I am the Echelon

Hey friends!

A few days ago, I had a new tattoo done and decided to share the story. I’ve always wanted to dedicate some ink to these three guys that have helped me to not lose my faith. I cannot even remember since when I started loving their music, but the more the years passed, the more I realized that this is way more than music. It is Love, it is Lust, it is Faith and it’s my Dreams. I grew up watching Jared’s movies, thinking when the time will come when I will be blessed enough to see him for the first time. And when the time came, it was all like a beautiful lie. I saw him, I jumped on stage with him, I believed that it was all true. And if I can do it, that means that anybody can. So here is to the whole Echelon family and to everybody who has the same vision like me in life. Here’s to love, to lust, to faith and to our dreams. For all of time, forever. I love you Mars, I am the Echelon. ❤

Have a great new year beautiful friends, have fun, take care and enjoy the music!




I Knew Someday We Would Meet Again

It is actually true. I have been talking a lot lately with my Echelon friends and found out that Thirty seconds to Mars are coming back in town, this time at Fryshuset , Stockholm. Who would be stupid enough to miss this!! I will do anything possible in my power to have a good spot at the show so that I can get really good pictures, this time with my camera and not cell phone. The tickets have been released today , you can check them out here : 

I am so excited that I will be able to see them again!! Thirty seconds to Mars is one of the very few bands that has given so much to its people. 

You can take a quick look on what happened the last time I was in one of their shows  here in Stockholm at Gröna Lund :  

Here is one of my favorite songs ever: 



Do Or Die

Do or Die is the name of the latest 30 Seconds to Mars video release. The only person who knows how much I cried when I saw it last night is my sister. You kind of need moments like this to remind you how much you have to try for your dreams and for the things and the people you believe in. I believe in music and in bands like them. I actually remember when I was at their concert here in Stockholm jared Leto saying “If you scream enough we might actually put you in our new video” and so they did!! There are moments of their show in Stockholm on the video along with their ride at the roller coaster in Stockholm’s amusement park “Gröna Lund”. It is amazing how much power music can have and how many people there are out there who cannot live without it. I am one of them.





If you want to check out my pictures from their show, here is a quick look :

30 Seconds To Mars Live @ Gröna Lund

That night might as well have been the best night ever. I said it all day long that day and I will be saying it for as long as I wish. We went to see 30 seconds to Mars at Gröna Lund. I have loved Jared Leto since I was 16. I had spent one whole summer listening to just his music and watching his movies. He is so inspirational to me. He has such an angelic voice and it is perfectly combined with his angelic look.

The reason why I will never forget that night is because I had the chance to stand up on stage with him. It felt like a lie. When I was 16 and watched him on tv, he felt so far away like I will never actually be able to see him. And even if it was for a show, who would have thought that I will have him standing in front of me, jumping, screaming and dancing to their beautiful music. The whole night was a lie.

A while before the show started, a girl from the crew comes towards us and asks if we want to get up on stage, me and a couple of other girls. I thought she was kidding, but on the last song of the show she comes, points at us and says “come on”. So I realized she is not jerking around. My hands could not stop shaking, my heart was beating with 1000 beats per minute. It was Jared Leto standing in front of me and all of us standing if front of thousands of people.

I don’t really have a lot more to say, only that it was actually the best music experience, better than peace and love festival and it reminded me straight on why I want to work so much with music.

Here is all I have from that night. We love you ,too Mars, always did , always will.

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