“Rescue Me”

Hey guys! 

As I have mentioned it about a hundred times now, last night 30 Seconds To Mars were in town! Their show in Stockholm was a part of the Monolith Tour 2018 and lucky us, it is not going to be the only one for this tour in Stockholm. On the 20th of August they will be back in town to play at Gröna Lund, again as a part of the Monolith Tour. 

I applied about probably 10 times or even more to get photo access to the show, but Live Nation denied my application due to “Limited photographer access”. I have been wondering though since Annexet is a pretty big venue and suits at least five photographers, why did I really get shut down, while there were only three of them shooting. 

I didn’t really let this pull me down, as nothing can hold me back when I am about to see on stage the man that saved me countless times. And by “saved” me, I mean both literally and figuratively. 

The Monolith tour started in the beginning of April in Europe exactly when they released their new album “America”, their fifth studio album and highest Thirty Seconds to Mars charting album ever. The tickets for the tour were released in November but I didn’t have the chance to buy some in the first place. So I spent all of this time thinking that I will only see them this summer in Gröna Lund, as Live Nation announced that the show is sold out right a couple of days after the ticket release. On the other hand, I tried to find tickets in some really lame websites that charged each of them about 3000 Swedish crowns, something which is to be honest completely ridiculous. I knew though that “Sold out” on Live Nation tickets means that “we are actually going to announce that it is sold out and then about a week before the show we are going to say that there are still tickets available because the show wasn’t sold out in the first place, we just felt like saying it, that’s all.”   

So after all of this up and down emotions, I couldn’t settle down with the idea that I got this band tattooed in my skin and will not be able to se them when they are in town. So luckily, I wasn’t impressed by the so-called marketing tricks and once they said that there still are tickets available,  I rushed to buy some in a very reasonable price. And so the day had almost come. 

If you have ever been in a Thirty Seconds to Mars show before, you will probably know that it is a colorful paradise, combined with Jared’s angelic voice and Shannon’s compelling drum beats. This time Tomo was missing from the tour due to family issues as they announced before the tour start. And so, in an almost fully packed Annexet, about 9 at night, the provocative Jesus hit the stage along with his rebellious brother and a few lucky Echelon members who were with them at the stage throughout the whole show. 

First song of the night was “Up in the air”, a song that hit straight to the bone not only me but every single soul in that room. This is the part when the adrenaline rushes straight into your body and you cannot believe that this is actually happening. You will believe it eventually but not straight in the first song. Jumping up and down, heavenly screams, huge balloons, and colorful graphics, a taste of what was about to take place downtown on a Sunday night. 

Eventually like I said, it will hit you. That this is actually happening right before your eyes. For a lot of people this breaking point never comes, as most of them are there to enjoy the music and the handsome presences of Jared and Shannon. But not me. Or anybody who sees these guys from the same perspective. The tears kept running hot out of my eyes like I had been suffocating the whole time and not I was able to breathe again. All I kept thinking at this deep moment was “The man who saved me, the man who saved me, the man who saved me”. At some point I could really sing along, but at some other one, I wasn’t even able to do so. It is like this moment when you feel the absolute completeness and there is nothing more missing from your life. It is almost like you have started a new one. Like you have felt the touch and essence of what it would be like in a “brave new world”. The little girl who was locked up in a room in a shitty place, a shitty reality and a supposedly profound shitty future, was finally able to breathe. She found someone to “save her from the demons in her mind”. 

Sometimes I still believe that I am the little seventeen year old girl. And then I remember that I was saved. Saved by him. And his art. And after this, the story went “on and on and on.” 

Have you ever felt this way? About someone? Or something? About music? Or a higher belief? If so, then you know exactly what I am talking about. 

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get good pictures even though I have been trying to do so, so I thought about sharing a few that I think are the most decent ones, and also a few “stolen” from the 30STM story on Instagram last night. 

I hope that you will enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. And I truly hope that you feel this way about something higher, about maybe music, or arts, or sports, or anything that serves a meaningful purpose in life. I believe that this is when you truly discover yourself and your path in this world. 

Have you been part of the Monolith Tour so far? Are you going to be? I would love to hear your Mars experience! Until then, feel free to take a look at these pics! 

And remember “Whatever you do, don’t ever lose your faith”.  🙂 




“Live Like A Dream”

Hey guys!

So the time has finally come and these guys are going to be in town this Sunday. I cannot even put it in words how excited I am to be seeing them again after so many years. The emotions running strong through my body like not a single day has passed by.

I am pretty sure that those of you who love them as much as I do, have already listened to the new record, but in case you didn’t, I am putting the link right here 🙂


Are you going to be in the show on Sunday? If so, see you there!





An Acoustic Night With Gavin Degraw 

Hey friends! 
Next week on Wednesday Gavin Degraw will be in town for an acoustic night live. I had the pleasure to shoot at his show in March 2014, almost three years ago. He has always been one of my One Tree Hill heros and his show stood up to my expectations. 

Here is a flashback link for you to enjoy the moments that I captured on my camera. 

Have a great Sunday my friends, be kind to one another and enjoy the music! 😊 


Rival Sons Show Review -Annexet Stockholm 2017.03.02

Hey guys! 

My previous post was all about capturing the magical moments of last night’s show on my camera lenses, now let’s try to put this night into actual words. Teatro Fiasco is the name of the new Rival Sons tour, as a complement of their new record “Hollow bones” that was released last June. The Sons were touring with Black Sabbath at the moment, so the actual headline tour came early in January 2017. In a lot of the European countries such as Copenhagen, the tour was actually sold out. And there is no wonder why. But what exactly is the concept and the thoughts behind such a unique rock and roll tour? Or better what does Teatro Fiasco include that no other rock band has included in their shows before? 

Let us start off step by step with the concept. Teatro Fiasco is divided into three sections. First off, the evening starts with Howie Pyro, a DJ and radio producer that has been good friends with the band for many years now. As you step into the venue, you hear 60s and 70s danceable rhythms and you get right into the mood. At the door, there are pretty girls waiting for you to hand you over the program and what exactly it is going to include. In that little leaflet, hard as it may be for you to believe, you are going to find every lyric of every Rival Sons song that has even been written. So, at that point you slowly start realizing and feeling the vibes. Another noticeable and memorable thing for a rock and roll band to embrace, is the visuals. During the time when the Dj is kicking it off, two screenplays on the right and left of the stage show 60s and 70s girls stripteasing and dancing off to the endless music that surrounds the venue. And just when you thought that you have realized and understood what is going to happen as the time passes by, here is one more surprise for you. Teatro fiasco includes another form of art that not many rock and roll bands can pull off; poetry. Derrick Brown, reads out loud poetry for all of us to enjoy. And yes, it might seem unusual. Or you might even say not interesting when you are waiting at the venue for your favorite band to jump on stage. But it is not that way at all. Poetry fits like a glove to this tour. To this band, to this form of music. Jay Buchanan says specifically that the main idea behind it was to engage another form of art as well in this tour, without just having band after band after band. And I completely agree I may say. 

The third and last part of the show is the part that I personally have patiently been waiting for, for more than five months now. It is the part where one of my favorite bands of all times, hits the stage and makes you believe that magic is real. It happens if you put five people together up on a stage and let them pick up their instruments and take you to a whole new level. 

My story with the Sons goes way back to 2014. Back then, just like now, they opened for big bands, but they also headlined in Europe. The difference that I noticed at myself when I listened to their music for the first time, was actually that I did listen and not see them up close. As I was standing far from the stage in the arena when they played with Aerosmith, I did listen and not get distracted by anything visually. All I could do was hear their sound. Something that doesn’t happen very often as sometimes you might get distracted by the lights, the people around, the flashy clothing colors or so. But what is it that speaks to you? Is it the sound or all the above? At that moment, which I will never forget, I felt that this sound is nothing like I have heard before. Scott Holiday’s guitar playing is nothing like what I have experienced before. It is imposing. Magnetizing I may say. Full of depth, like it touches straight the heart of music and sets you free.  Like it constantly pushes the envelope and invokes the spirit within. It is like you are trying to explain the greatness in words, but you are having a hard time, so you have to go ahead and do it. This is what Mr. Fuzzlord does. Something about it that it is unique to all time. And you can hear the uniqueness through his guitar strings and the developing of its expression. It is this sound that no matter what you are doing at the moment, no matter where you are or who you are with, you are going to pick your head up and go “What is the name of this band?” And I will be there to proudly let you know that their name is Rival Sons, they have been making music for quite sometime now, they come from Long Beach California, and you have to check them out. 

Last night’s performance included songs from all their records. They opened with the first three songs being from their latest record “Hollow bones”. First with “Hollow bones pt. 1”, followed by “Tied up” followed by “Thundering voices”. One of my favorite songs to watch live is and will always be “Electric man”, but I really looked forward to see “Hollow bones pt. 2” as it is my favorite one from the latest record. They played among others “Face of Light”, “Belle Star” , “Fade out”, “Open my eyes”,  and “Keep on swinging”. I truly believe that there is a chemistry so strong between this band’s members that is one of  the reasons why they are so unbelievably good. So good individually but incredibly good as a band as well, and no matter who I take with me every time they are in town, they will always say that they are a pure talent band to watch live. 

One more memorable thing from last night’s show was the Rival Sons photo book that launched a couple of weeks ago. I knew that I had to buy it since I first saw Jay talking about it and so I did. This photo book is a result of pictures that have been taken by photographer Andre Mittwollen the past six years in Germany and represent the band’s live show feelings as they have been touring in the different German cities this time. It is an amazing work and I am always interested in buying things like this, that are of limited edition and represent rare moments. I hope you are, too. ❤ 

Have you seen the Sons on this tour? What is your favorite song on their setlist? Is it one of their latest record? What do you think about the Teatro Fiasco concept? 🙂 

If you feel the same way as I do, and want to take a look on the moments captured on my camera, feel free to clink the links below, and to take a look on my Instagram page as I will also be uploading short clips. In the meantime, here is crazy us! I couldn’t be happier last night. And I wouldn’t be surprised if this band sells out arenas in a few years.  A stunning night to remember. ❤