H.e.a.t – Bandit Insanity Tour 2015 – Stockholm

What can I say about this band. I mean, every time I see them live it’s a new experience. It is so much fun to watch them perform. Last night it was the first time that I’ve been right in front of the stage jumping and screaming my lungs out. Me, my sister and my best friend had the time of our lives once again.

Feel free to take a look in the pics below! 🙂

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Smash Into Pieces – Bandit Insanity Tour 2015 – Stockholm

Another band that I really loved last night was Smash Into Pieces . I loved their sound, I loved their vocals and most of all their energy on stage. I will really be looking forward  to the release of their new album and I really hope I am there when they play in Stockholm next time. Here’s a spotify link with their music and a couple of pics from last night’s performance! Enjoy! 🙂

2015-02-05 23.01.01-1 2015-02-05 23.01.23 2015-02-05 23.02.18-1 2015-02-05 23.03.04 IMG_0007 IMG_0008

Outtrigger – Bandit Insanity Tour 2015 – Stockholm

Last night me and my girlfriends were at Göta Källare for Bandit Insanity Tour 2015. We had so much fun! I hadn’t checked out the bands that were there before, I had only seen H.e.a.t live a couple of times. But I am really happy the music turned out to be great yesterday. That’s what makes it all special. Like this band for instance, Outtrigger, I really loved their sound and their energy. Specially, I loved the cover they made of Robin Stejrnberg – You. If you love this kind of music, take a look on their spotify profile and thank me later!

Here’s a taste of last night’s craziness! Enjoy! 🙂 

2015-02-05 22.02.54 2015-02-05 22.11.27 2015-02-05 22.15.05-1 2015-02-05 22.18.34-1 2015-02-05 22.21.15-1