Pat Stay VS. Shotty Horroh Battle Video

Ever since that night of the 27th of November, the  number 1 google search on my blog is about this battle. Now the video is out and trust me I have been waiting as much as you all did, because I was part of the video too and I really really wanted to see me. But as you are going to watch on the video, there has been an incident with the software and this is the only moments that the guys from Basementality managed to save. It is not the complete battle, and nothing else happened like the shit rumours that were all over the place. Now after almost 3 months here it is :

Pat Stay VS. Shotty Horroh, in Stockholm, Sweden.










Super Fresh Video Releases

Two super new video releases that I really liked, 1) the new Da Costa video “Tatuera mig” and  2)  Allyawan, Critical, Shazaam & DJ Irie – “Basementality Battles” (Officiell).




Pat Stay VS. Shotty Horroh now on Monday 26/11 :D

It’s official and the time has come! Good for me because I can’t wait anymore. 😀 This Monday 26/11, the big battle between Pat Stay and Shotty Horroh is going to take place at  Fryshuset at 5 o’clock in the evening. I have just watched the last Shotty Horroh battle and it was great! There is so much aggressiveness (something that I love) and I expect to see that on Monday as well.

You can buy tickets for 250 kr at fryshuset on Monday between 11,00-17,00 or at the door before the battle for 280 kr.

I mean noone is gonna be missing : Kartellen, Södra Sidan, Näääk o Nimo and so many more, who wants to miss that?! 😀 😀 😀



You can take a look at the latest Shotty Horroh battle here :



Also more info about the event here :