First Time In Greece

Hey guys!

One of my absolutely favorite bands of all times has recently announced some headline European music dates, including their first show ever in Greece. Volbeat are out on tour again, with some American touring dates, followed by a short tour in Europe including festival shows but also some headline ones.

This July the Danish\ American band is about to play their first ever show in Greece, as a part of the greek Rockwave festival in Athens on the 20th of July.

Are you going to be joining any of the following dates?

Click the link below to see full concert material of Volbeat playing at Friends arena- Stockholm this past September, as a part of their “Seal the deal and let’s boogie tour”, along with a personal Volbeat story of mine. 🙂

(Pictures taken by official Volbeat Instagram).


Irene Image-2 (1)





Sex & Love Tour

Hey friends!

Last night Enrique Iglesias was in town at Ericsson Globe to perform as a part of his “Sex and Love” Tour. I didn’t have appropriate access to shoot but took some cool photos from my cell phone that I thought I should share! 🙂

Have a nice night/day my friends and an even more beautiful weekend with lots of music!




Teatro Fiasco

Hey friends!

Here is the official poster with the Rival Sons tour dates for their European tour 2017, have you checked it out yet? What do you think? 😀





It’s Just A Kiss Away

This morning I found out that The Rolling Stones are going to have a European tour this summer! They are going to tour here in may, June and July and they will be in town on the 1st of July to perform at Tele2 Arena. I mean it’s only Rock & Roll right? So excited!  I hope I am able to get a media pass to take some badass pictures otherwise I will get normal tickets anyway because I don’t want to miss it!

The tickets will be released on Friday the 28th of March. In the meantime, here’s one of my favorite Rolling Stones performances, featuring my favorite artist of all times, Lady Gaga.