Leather Jacket Project

My sister decorated my leather jacket for me, inspired by Lady Gaga, Daughtry and Reckless Love. This is the result, step by step and a video we made while in the process. πŸ™‚


photo 1


Married To The Night

I had ordered a “Marry the night” t – shirt from the Born this way ball, a couple of weeks ago , and it looks like this. “Marry the night” is one of my favorite songs ever. This album actually had helped me so much when I first moved here and I wanted to have the t- shirt to remind me where I stand and how far I want to go. The t – shirt represents Gaga in an animation way and the clothes that she is wearing are part of the song’s video.


Last Night’s Outfit

Rock n’ Roll – ish all the way. I don’t really know where the inspiration comes from, I would say a little bit from everywhwere. Smokey make up, eye lashes,Β  red lips (almost always) , lots of accessories, rosed rings, skulls, T – shirts with rock n’ roll designs, and of course all types of leggings and tights haha! It’s really easy to be dressed like this, I’ve always wanted to but didn’t have the right stores in my town. Here you can find clothes like this at H n’ M, Gina Tricot, and Bik Bok mostly πŸ™‚