You Me At Six Live @ Fryshuset 2017.03.23

Hey friends!


You me at Six performed in a packed house in Stockholm a couple of hours ago, as a part of their “Night people” tour. Fryshuset club was full of enthusiasts jumping up and down on their music and singing every single lyric out loud. I had the chance to shoot at their show tonight. 🙂

Here are a few moments captured on my camera, I hope you enjoy! 😀

Have a great night / day my friends, with lots of music!



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The End Of An Era

Hey my dear friends! A couple of days ago I read on Instagram that the Love Lust Faith Dreams tour came to an end. What can I say about Thirty Seconds to Mars, except the fact that they made me who I am today. I was blessed to join this tour twice, once in June 2013 and the second time in February 2014, both here in Stockholm. The first time I ever saw Thirty Seconds to Mars, I got picked to go up on the stage with them, in Gröna Lund.

All my teenage years passed by with me listening to this band and dragging strength and faith from their words. Watching Jared Leto in his movies and keeping having hope in my heart, thinking “ Someday.”

It was just this small thing back in the days, that no matter how much I felt connected with them through music, it just never seemed possible that I would be blessed one day to be there at their show. Living in a tiny town, almost not seen on the map, dreaming that one day you will be able to see 30 seconds to Mars would seem a fairytale. Or even if 30 seconds to Mars ever performed in my home country, I would never be able to see them, mostly because I would need to spend money that I never had. It was a lost cause anyway.

Up until that summer, when all I did was  just take the bus downtown, with a pair of leggings and a long blonde ponytail, when I joined the show, with an excitement and an energy that I barely had before.

The thing with such big bands for me was a bit different because, as soon as they came up on stage and I saw them, it felt for quite a few minutes like I was still home watching MTV. Like this moment is only in my head. Like an illusion.

After the first fifteen minutes of the show and when they started interacting with the audience, I actually felt that it was true. This moment actually existed. That it is indeed Jared Leto on the stage and he is performing right in front of my eyes. But it was not just it. About twenty minutes before the show ended, a security guy came along and reached out to me and a couple of kids next to me, asking if we wanted to join the band on the stage for the last song, “up in the air” .

That was a moment that up until today I cannot really believe it happened. I did indeed get up on stage with about fifteen more kids and stood right behind Jared and right in front of a crowd of about 15.000 people. The view was breathtaking. Magical. Jared, Shannon and Tomo were magical. As if all of  this was a “beautiful lie, such a beautiful lie to believe in..”

Was it a dream? Not at all.. I was standing there and Jared was standing right in front of me singing about Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams. I was standing there sharing the same space and the same air with the man that taught me how to believe. How the bridge between believing in your dreams and actually living your dreams, is hard work. How important it is to dream. To set no limitations and boundaries to your dreams. To do or die. To live, breathe and fight for yourself and your dreams. All of this was real. He was real. The music, the lights, the stage, the smoke, the passion, the faith and the 15.000 people in front of me were real. All of this as a reminder to what music is all about. To what life is all about.

Have you ever seen them live? Were you also a part of the Love Lust Faith Dreams tour? If so, I would love to read your experience, your emotions and everything that happened that day. At the end of the day, we all “under the banner of heaven dream out loud. “

Here is a little taste of the tour. 🙂 The first two pictures are from summer 2013, and the third one is from February 2014, all here in Stockholm. Have a great day / night my friends, with lots of music! 🙂


Gerard Way Show In Stockholm 2015.02.03

Tonight we were at Gerard Way’s show here in Stockholm, at Fryshuset. He was one of my teenage heroes and he still is. You know this feeling of anticipation that you are waiting and waiting your whole life to see live one of your favorite artists, but life gets always in the way and you never do.. I have been feeling so blessed since I moved to Stockholm and the reason is exactly this. I have been watching My Chemical Romance videos on Mtv pretty much my whole life, but never been able to be in any of their shows. But guess what ; tonight I have been shooting Gerard Way. And yeah he was exactly like I have been seeing him on the TV all these years. Pretty damn priceless right?. That moment when the lights go down, and the music stops, the crowd screams start and boom there he is right in front of me in his suit and tie just like you see him on the pics. Those two seconds when he gets on the stage and you cannot really realize if you are still watching MTV rocks, or this moment is actually real. Well, after tonight I guess this moment was real yes.

But apart from that, I really enjoyed the way he interacts with his fans. He is one of the most kind artists that I’ve heard speaking on stage and also really talented in what he does. He said so many kind words tonight that I could totally relate to in so many levels. The thing that I kept from tonight is that, he and his brother according to his words, had always been thinking of moving out, not because they hated their parents, but because they always knew that there was something more out there, something that could make him who he is today. Something that he wanted to reach out. And also that he totally understands how hard it is to just be yourself in this crazy world. So if you guys ever feel like you don’t belong or that it gets extremely hard to just be who you want to be, just keep in your head that he loves you anyway  and he loves you for letting him share his art with you. All of what I am describing right now is his exact words in tonight’s show.

I just wanna say that this is why I was at this show tonight and why I love him. It’s been a while since I have been in a place that I can really feel “myself” but tonight that changed.

I hope you have the chance to see him as well, because I can assure you that you are going to feel exactly as I felt tonight. Blessed.

Here are a fews moments that I captured on my camera. I am sorry if some of the pics look a bit blurry, there was too much smoke in the room, but I tried my best! 🙂 Have a great night friends (because here in Stockholm it is really late right now! ) . Have faith in yourself and in music. 🙂 ❤

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Olly Murs Live @ Fryshuset – Stockholm

So last night ( as I blogged already about it) was the big Olly Murs show in Stockholm, Sweden. I was a part of it and I can gladly say that it was a show full of energy, smiles and a lot of dancing! It was really good to watch a british artist perform live in a crowd so passionate about him. He performed almost all of his hits and along with that he managed to keep the audience in a really good mood with telling jokes , making the people feel more cozy and keep smiling. I also enjoyed the opening act by Ulrik Munther.

The only thing that made me a bit stressed is that I was not allowed to have my camera with me and the photos I took (with i Phone 5) are nothing like I normally do. I apologize for that and promise to be way better next time.

Here is a taste of last night’s show! 😀

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Olly Murs – One Step Closer

I have mentioned it before that I have recently started working at Fryshuset. Before I got this job I used to be there really often as my passion for music and music events had dragged me there so much. Now that I have started working, I am finally able to feel one step closer to what I want to do and how I want to work.

Today is a big day for me because I am able to have access as a blogger to be at a show of one really popular artist of our time : Olly Murs! 😀  I have read a lot about him and also know a lot of his hits, as they haven’t stopped playing on the swedish radio.

Olly Murs is a young artist coming from the UK,  known for his participation in X Factor UK in 2009! Now he and me are almost 2 hours apart from each other as my name is on the guest list for tonight’s show. My feelings are so heightened and to be really honest I feel happy and proud of myself because I feel one step closer than I was yesterday.

The funny thing about my work is that I have the chance to meet so many  young and inspiring people, just like the girls that I talked to a while ago, who have been waiting for the show doors to open since this morning, which makes it almost 12 hours now!

If you are interested in Olly’s music and want to see more of him, keep up because I will be uploading all my pictures almost right after the show.  You can also follow me on instagram ( Irene Pavlidi)  if you want to have straight updates and sneak peak pictures! 😀

Here is a taste of tonight’s feelings and mood here at Fryshuset. The show starts at 18.30. Are you here as well? 😀


I Knew Someday We Would Meet Again

It is actually true. I have been talking a lot lately with my Echelon friends and found out that Thirty seconds to Mars are coming back in town, this time at Fryshuset , Stockholm. Who would be stupid enough to miss this!! I will do anything possible in my power to have a good spot at the show so that I can get really good pictures, this time with my camera and not cell phone. The tickets have been released today , you can check them out here : 

I am so excited that I will be able to see them again!! Thirty seconds to Mars is one of the very few bands that has given so much to its people. 

You can take a quick look on what happened the last time I was in one of their shows  here in Stockholm at Gröna Lund :  

Here is one of my favorite songs ever: 



Me and Shotty Horroh last night, @Stockholm!

I have been thinking about it all day before I check out the battle, that I wanna have a pic with this guy and I want it to be a crazy one! So by the time the battle was over, I got backstage and got the coolest picture ever! He is actually the first english rapper that I met in person and he is so cool and funny! And the fact that he comes from England is always a plus, you know! 😀 Like a real english gentle man!