An Acoustic Evening with Gavin Degraw 2017.04.19

Hey Friends!

A couple of hours ago Gavin Degraw performed in Stockholm in an acoustic show, in a fully packed house in Annexet!

Here are the moments captured on my camera, I hope you enjoy! 🙂

Have a great day/ night my friends with lots of music!



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An Acoustic Night With Gavin Degraw 

Hey friends! 
Next week on Wednesday Gavin Degraw will be in town for an acoustic night live. I had the pleasure to shoot at his show in March 2014, almost three years ago. He has always been one of my One Tree Hill heros and his show stood up to my expectations. 

Here is a flashback link for you to enjoy the moments that I captured on my camera. 

Have a great Sunday my friends, be kind to one another and enjoy the music! 😊

“Never made it as a Wiseman”

Hey dear friends! 

Last night I had the pleasure to be in the Nickelback show, here in Stockholm in Ericsson Globe. As you may have noticed, last year Nickelback had to cancel their whole Euro tour due to the fact that Chad Kroeger had to go through a throat surgery. Last night they were in town since they owed it to us from last fall. 

Around three in the evening yesterday, I got an email from Live Nation that I got accepted to shoot in their show as well. In the mail it was written though that us photographers are going to have to shoot from the mixer booth which in case you do not know is placed right in the middle of the arena, from the audiences point of view.  Also that we are allowed to shoot only for the first couple of songs, not the three ones as we normally do in any other show. This made me think that there is a serious chance that Nickelback do not like photographers around while they perform. I was perfectly fine by it even though it turned out to be extremely difficult to take a good shot from such a long distance. I felt like I had to be an alchemist and do wonders with my little camera. 

As the first couple of songs were over, I had to leave from the press exit and go back in again from the main entrance so that I can scan my ticket and take my seat in the arena, where I can have a better view. By that time, the band had already played their fourth or fifth song, and I just gotten there to enjoy the rest of the show. The view that I had made me see a little better and made me notice that their stage was not actually very big, at least big enough to fit an arena’s performance. It was big enough to fit the four of them, and two small pits that led to the audience so that they can walk along anytime they felt like it. 

I also noticed about half an hour after the start that Chad’s voice turns out to be a bit different than the recorded versions. It felt at some point that he was really trying to make his voice come out of his throat, kind of like it didn’t come out naturally. As time was over nine thirty, Chad reached out the microphone once again, and this time, he showed an extreme lust to drink alcohol, saying “Is it time to drink yet? Is it time to drink yet?” . After that a guy came up on stage and kept coming every ten minutes, sharing drinks to the band members and each time he did, Chad was ecstatically screaming “Alcohol, yeah booze, yeah! Damn it tastes so good, bring me more please!” . Even if you do drink, as so many bands do, why do you have to make it seem so shallow and needy? To be really honest, I didn’t like his attitude towards this. 

After that, another thing caught my restless attention. Every time a song ended, there was these very big pauses in between, with Chad talking about every little thing that crossed his mind. Like “Damn it’s been two shows without alcohol, that’s how long I can last without it.” Or “Sweden, Sweden come party with me. Now I am going to stand right behind the drummer, so I will be staring at his ass in case you are wondering. I am just saying..” Or “I am really persuasive as a person, I’m like the Devil, I can convince you to do anything, and then I end up in court, come party with me, it’s not like you gotta go to work tomorrow!” And many more sayings, while he cursed extremely much. It felt a little bit as if he was trying to show this “Rockstar” attitude like he doesn’t have class, and he curses a lot and he drinks extremely much as well. To be very honest as I always try to be, I found his behavior not professional on so many levels. He seemed like he was completely wasted. 

Regarding the rest of the band, I believe that this band’s talent is hidden in their drummer, Daniel Patrick Adair. He sounded the best that he could be throughout the whole night. And then also, Ryan Peake who is their rhythm guitar player, was the only one who actually said “We know we should have been here last year and we are sorry for it, so we really appreciate you guys showing up tonight.” A few words to show his gratitude to the people who paid at least 600kr to see them, words that were never spoken by the lead vocalist. 

The last thing that caught my attention last night was the fact that Globe’s capacity is 16.000 people and yesterday the tickets that were sold were not more that 6.000 . Which makes me think, are Nickelback not who they used to be once upon a time? Last night was the first time that I ever saw them performing live. And it is needless to say that I remember their songs playing over and over on MTV since I was thirteen. The first song that I ever heard of them was “Someday” and I used to fight with my sister every time it played because we couldn’t figure out who is the one that gets killed on the video, is it the boy or the girl? And as the years got by and I always had their songs on my mp3 player, songs like “Feelin’ way too damn good” , “Figure you out” , “Burn it to the ground” , “Rockstar” , I always had the impression in my head based mostly to what I read and saw, that they are perfectionists as a band. And this is exactly how their albums sound like. But what happened last night? I had been waiting to see them since this summer but Chad’s attitude got me very disappointed. Is it only me that believes in the power of a rockshow ? I know that at some point and especially when it is a long tour, the show itself would tend to be a bit of a routine, to its core. But then? Is this how some artists see it? Because if it’s not, what was that about last night? I do believe that music can change somebody’s life in so many ways, but if you want to promote this shallow, rockstar wanna-be, greedy and needy attitude, that’s when you lose the game. The competition is way too big these days and the standards are getting higher and higher, so do you want to be just another American band or do you want to actually mean something to somebody? The decision is all yours. 

In general it was a good show and I enjoyed listening to all of the songs I grew up to. I just wish that I didn’t have this feeling in me. I tried to ignore it through the show, but Chad’s behavior provoked it way too much. And at the end of the day, it is a really bad feeling looking up to somebody for such a long time, and when you finally get the chance to see them, they turn out to be a disappointment it your eyes. 

And one more thing to sum up this Nickelback article, from my personal experience, I believe that European bands are much more kind and appreciative than any american band I have seen all these years. 

This is what I got with my camera from last night’s Nickelback performance in Ericsson Globe, Stockholm/ Sweden, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did! 

Have a great day / night my friends with lots of music and positivity! 



P.S. If you ever want to check out my video updates from the different shows, here’s a link to my Instagram page! 😀

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When We Were On Fire

Hey dear friends! As Stockholm is a capital that any artist at some point will inevitably visit, last night was James Bay’s turn. He was actually here a couple of months back and his show was sold out, so this time he played in a bigger venue with much more people.

Annexet in Globen was the place where James Bay’s talent uncovered its nature. As I was waiting a couple of minutes before I take my place in front of the stage, I overheard a couple talking english and it caught my attention; They said they were Americans and they flew here from the US only for one day to see him play. They said they loved him so much because he has so much talent and he creates his own music and writes his own songs. I absolutely agreed with them at once. I find it such an honorable deed to do, when somebody chooses to travel, meet new places and new people through music.

As the time came and I took my place in front of the scene, a big, white curtain was covering the scene and you could only see his shadow through the lights that were pointing straight to him. After this, the curtain fell, the music covered the place and you could feel it. This moment that feels the same every single time I am in a show. The excitement. James jumped right in front of us and took his place in front of the microphone  with his red 60’s guitar. The people right behind me were passionately screaming his name as he was about to start singing. Dressed in grey black and with his signature hat, it was about time to start doing what he does best.

I found out about him a little bit more than a year ago on MTV, because his voice caught my attention. It is so precise, clean and real. He made singing seem so effortless. This is the point when you obviously realize that somebody has a true talent. One thing that I really loved about his performance and his presentation up on stage was that the players and himself were put on the scene in a different way than what we normally expect. He was right in the middle of it, the bass player was on his right, the guitar player on his left, but right behind him there was not the drummer as we normally see. The drum player was on the right of the scene, behind him, the piano was on the left behind him and right in the middle of it, there was an upper part of the stage where he could jump from anytime he felt like it. Pretty unusual for a rock band but he made it work beautifully.

I would absolutely recommend checking him out if he plays in your town at some point. You are going to have a great time. 🙂

Here are the moments captured on my cam, feel free to take a look!

Have a great day my friends, with lots of music! ❤



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