It’s The Funeral Of Hearts

Hey my dear friends 🙂 It is a beautiful autumn evening here in Stockholm and I am  home listening to one of my favorite bands of all times, HIM. Every time I listen to their songs , it feels like I am 12 years old again and nothing has ever changed.

I am actually 25 now and there are some certain beliefs and values in my character and life that got “cultivated” from that little age of 12 and have been the same until today, when I am actually supposed to be a “big girl” and a “grown-up”.

Love Metal was the very first rock record that I ever bought, a record that introduced me not only to this kind of music, but also in the deep and maybe dark influences that music made and produced in Scandinavia has. The very first song that I ever listened by HIM was “The Funeral of hearts”.  When I saw the video on MTV for the first time, I got so captivated by this so big contrast between darkness and light that their music has. And so the next week I had already gone to the record store to buy that album, with the thought that ” If funeral of hearts was just a part of the record, imagine what the whole album would sound like, these melancholic piano tunes, combined with Ville’s baritone voice type”. It was an album that I basically lived by, not just listened to.

When most of my classmates listened to this kind of music as a way to show that they were “different” and not “mainstream”, that they were rebellious and not boring, me on the other hand I tried to see beyond it, just like I always do with any kind of art. What is it like to actually live in Scandinavia? In Sweden? In Finland? Is it really dark and moody, or music is a way to express the chaos that exists in your head and has nothing to do with the fact that in the wintertime it is always basically dark?

In my ears, their music represents freedom. But the word freedom might mean a lot of different things. To me, it means feeling free in Scandinavia. And it has nothing to do with the weather conditions or the actual day and night darkness.

It is like a huge, burning desire of joy and happiness but with the right amount of sadness and nostalgia. A profound melancholic mood with a certain amount of excitement and freedom, along with the endless natural beauty of Scandinavia, anytime of the year but specially in the winter. The most unique and extraordinary experience of the northern lights, when the sky is shimmering and there’s so much beauty if you just lift your head up and watch the stars and the sky go green, blue, purple, silver, orange.

I cannot even describe in words how blessed I felt the first time I visited Finland. It was not only the fact that I was in “The Land Of HIM” but also like I was 12 years old and I achieved something that means so much to me. A relief, a dream coming true, a pure moment arising from clarity and faith. Their powerful words like “I see through the darkness my way back home, the journey seems endless but I will carry on” , “Softly the light shines in through the gates of grace on me and you, deceiving our restless hearts”. Yes, I was there. And yes I have a restless heart.

Many people find music like this or words like this too “idealistic”. But the moment that I start believing that, would be the moment that I betray myself and the people that I believe in. Not all kids are looking to get drunk and laid when they go out on a Saturday night. There is this part of the world, this part of the youth that is constantly looking for something higher to believe in. For something to hold on to. Bigger than anything that you see or experience in your every day life. Just like I did when I was little.

I hope that you can relate at some point with my words, and feel the same way about music and the bands that you love. 🙂 I have not actually been able to see them live yet, but I am totally sure that once I do, it will be an experience on a whole new level.

The pics below are from Sweden, Finland and my room! 🙂

Have a great Sunday night my friends and an even greater week! 🙂

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Music Statistics For 2014

Yesterday I got to know how 2014 was according to my music taste and the music I played on Spotify. It was a really great way to find out how much music I listened to, the albums and artists I played the most and what day in the week I used to listen to the most music. For me, the song I played the most was “A shot at redemption” by H.E.A.T . I never doubted that since I listen to that song almost every day up till now. My most played artist was of course Gaga. No doubts about that either since I play Gaga every day, not only the latest record but every single record she has released. As about my most played artists, they are Gaga, HIM, Reckless Love, H.E.A.T and Daughtry. I listen to way more bands than just them, and my top 4 favorite are the first four, but I guess I played mostly them in 2014. 🙂 I think that Spotify is a really great and smart way to listen to music and help your favorite artists get paid for it, without anything having to do with piracy or other illegal stuff. You should see your statistics too for 2014 you might actually be surprised! 🙂

Have a nice day friends!

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Tears On Tape

A band that I am currently obsessed with is HIM. I have been in love with them since I was 13. I found out that they played last night in my country, in Athens actually after too many years. I remember when I lived in Greece how many times they used to visit and play in the summertime mostly in Athens, but I was never able to go. They haven’t played in Sweden for the last three years, at least since I have been living here, but I hope they do because it would be a cream come true seeing them.


Here’s a pic from last night’s show in Athens and also a video with the drum camera with the band playing “Tears on tape” one of my favorite songs ever. Some summer inspiration. Or sadness, you decide. 😀 ❤



Into The Night, Will You Meet Me There?

This is the last Him release called “Into the night”. It was released about three weeks ago and in my opinion it is equally beautiful as everything that this band releases. If you like a bit moody, dark, emotional music, this is the band that you should check out. I used to be in love with Him when I was a teenager and I still keep an eye on them. They have become really popular and lately they have been touring a lot in America. I also believe that Ville Valo (the frontman of Him) is one of the most handsome and fashion-tasteful people. 🙂 Check out the video here :