November Lights Highlight Moments

Here are a few personal moments of last night’s November Lights festival and my instagram link for you to get the feeling of what last night was about. 🙂

I hope you enjoy them as much as we did! 🙂

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November Lights Experience

Last night one of the biggest and most fancy Swedish festivals took place in Globen, Stockholm ; November Lights.

To be really honest with my words, it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. November lights is a sister festival to Summerburst, the electro house festival that takes place every summer in Gothenburg and Stockholm. A festival that I actually never had the chance to go to.

With that been said and with the passion that I have in my heart for dance and electronic music along with my DJing background and with my experience and knowledge of being a part of the Select DJ family, what more can I say except that last night was a night to remember.

I had noticed a while back but never admitted it out loud, that Sweden is a House music country. I had my doubts though, since so many other kinds of music are made and produced successfully here but, when we talk about house and electro music, we are talking about an experience on a whole new level. We are talking not only about the music itself, but about the whole impression of any house event would leave you with.

To mention a few words about my personal experience of last night’s festival, it was like I left this life of mine for a night, this spirit of mine and this body, and I went to a magic land. A land full of music, laser lights, colors, bubbles, glitter, flashing lights, smiles, dance, party, high technology equipment, neon make-up , and the beating of your heart that became stronger and stronger every time the mixing reached its highlight moments. Smoke, excitement, happy people, boys and girls being totally spontaneous, sharing a passion for the same thing, staring all towards the same direction, towards a huge scene full of a high definition sparkly graphics.

This feeling and actually “burden” if I am allowed to use this word, that Djs have or at least are supposed to have, to me it seems like it should be about serving a higher purpose. Serving a purpose of being not only a DJ at this point, not only a performing artist or a vocalist. At this point you are way beyond that. You are an entertainer. You are the one who is going to drop the sickest beat within the next second and you are going to make the 10.000 people in front of you dance so hard, that they are going to make the whole building move. To me this is what dance music is all about. And last night I remembered why I took this DJ class and why I love playing music and make people glad when I have the chance.

I truly hope and wish that I have the chance to be there in Summerburst 2016 and relive all of this on an even higher level. What are your thoughts about house and electro music? Is it something that makes your heart pump like a 5 year old? Have you ever been to a festival like this? I would love to hear about your experiences!

Feel free to take a look on the moments that we captured on our camera 🙂 The pictures are from the sets of Nervo, Knife Party, Orjan Nilssen and Armin Van Buuren.

Have a great night/ day my friends and a greater week with lots of music! 🙂

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My dearest friend Micheal has finally released the video that I have been waiting to see for so long. We have been working for it endless hours, have had such a good time inspiring each other, but most of all, I love the fact that this video and release stands for something. To be really correct and to use his exact words :

“I wanted to do something different. I wanted to do something that would perfectly represent who I am, if this was my last work. I wanted the word “Bounce” to mean something to me. I want the word “Bounce” to stand for people, like myself, who embrace difference and who are not scared of being judged just because they are different. I did this with the hope that others who lack the strength to make a stand, could be inspired when they see this. The hand seen in the word “Bounce” is the letter “B” in sign language. The use of the hand symbolizes Bounce being a voice for the voiceless. Bounce means stand for something. If you have a dream then go for it, do not settle. If you have a problem with something, speak up. Do not take no for an answer nor be willing to compromise who you are. HELP ME INSPIRE OTHERS. SHARE, POST, STAND FOR SOMETHING! ”

I am really glad it is finally out, so that we can all enjoy it, share it and feel the love. If you are one of these persons who truly believe that music is the reason why you should keep going and believing in yourself, in the good in people, in the humanity, in love, in equality and in freedom, then you should definitely check it out and let it play out loud so that you can feel it in your bones. I truly hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Have a great week friends, with lots of music! 🙂 ❤



I’m David Guetta Bitch!!

So last night I had a meeting with my lovely teacher and friend Mike, and along with other things we talked also about the giantic global djs, meaning David Guetta, Dj Tiesto, Swedish House Mafia… I have always loved most David Guetta. For me he is the biggest dj in the whole planet, mostly because I feel that he is the closest to my style, something that he has also said. He explained it like he tries to create a bridge between the house music and the urban music. And the thing is that I have always felt that in his music, because when I am playing and I wanna change the mood from the straight classic beats to something a bit more “alive”, I always play David Guetta. I had this poster of his work in my room in Greece when I was a kid, because that’s when I got to know him first, through this song.

David Guetta - The World Is Mine (DJ Zapad Remix)

Then when I moved here , the first summer that it was a bit hard to attend venues, I used to play his music in my room and watch outside the window, pretending that it was a full 10,000 persons crowd and they were jumping up and down with me, playing his music. Crazy right? 😀

Djing sometimes could be really hard, specially when you are in your first steps, hard that you don’t really get paid, you don’t know if you are going to mix right with the equipement that is provided to you and mostly because you have to ask everytime yourself “Is this a gig that I wanna do?” Since you mostly don’t get paid in the beginning, you wonder if you are making the right thing agreeing to play to lame venues like weddings or Discos for 10 year old kids.

But of course this didn’t stop my favourite guy David Guetta and to show how inspiring he was to me and to so many people, I presented a video of him to my whole class last week when we had our “Inspiration bomb” session.

It is crazy how far someone can go, and for me it is about believing in yourself, in your dreams and in your own powers, but it is also about proving to people that they are fucking wrong about you, you can go so high, if you believe that sky is the limit, just like he did with his teacher haha! 🙂

And last, one of my favourite songs of him ever, that is impossible to listen without crying, mostly because he has a different approach in love, and I think that I could  relate to this song, the “frozen – hard” part of it, because it reminds me a lot of Scandinavia and the way of living, and thinking here. ❤