“Rescue Me”

Hey guys! 

As I have mentioned it about a hundred times now, last night 30 Seconds To Mars were in town! Their show in Stockholm was a part of the Monolith Tour 2018 and lucky us, it is not going to be the only one for this tour in Stockholm. On the 20th of August they will be back in town to play at Gröna Lund, again as a part of the Monolith Tour. 

I applied about probably 10 times or even more to get photo access to the show, but Live Nation denied my application due to “Limited photographer access”. I have been wondering though since Annexet is a pretty big venue and suits at least five photographers, why did I really get shut down, while there were only three of them shooting. 

I didn’t really let this pull me down, as nothing can hold me back when I am about to see on stage the man that saved me countless times. And by “saved” me, I mean both literally and figuratively. 

The Monolith tour started in the beginning of April in Europe exactly when they released their new album “America”, their fifth studio album and highest Thirty Seconds to Mars charting album ever. The tickets for the tour were released in November but I didn’t have the chance to buy some in the first place. So I spent all of this time thinking that I will only see them this summer in Gröna Lund, as Live Nation announced that the show is sold out right a couple of days after the ticket release. On the other hand, I tried to find tickets in some really lame websites that charged each of them about 3000 Swedish crowns, something which is to be honest completely ridiculous. I knew though that “Sold out” on Live Nation tickets means that “we are actually going to announce that it is sold out and then about a week before the show we are going to say that there are still tickets available because the show wasn’t sold out in the first place, we just felt like saying it, that’s all.”   

So after all of this up and down emotions, I couldn’t settle down with the idea that I got this band tattooed in my skin and will not be able to se them when they are in town. So luckily, I wasn’t impressed by the so-called marketing tricks and once they said that there still are tickets available,  I rushed to buy some in a very reasonable price. And so the day had almost come. 

If you have ever been in a Thirty Seconds to Mars show before, you will probably know that it is a colorful paradise, combined with Jared’s angelic voice and Shannon’s compelling drum beats. This time Tomo was missing from the tour due to family issues as they announced before the tour start. And so, in an almost fully packed Annexet, about 9 at night, the provocative Jesus hit the stage along with his rebellious brother and a few lucky Echelon members who were with them at the stage throughout the whole show. 

First song of the night was “Up in the air”, a song that hit straight to the bone not only me but every single soul in that room. This is the part when the adrenaline rushes straight into your body and you cannot believe that this is actually happening. You will believe it eventually but not straight in the first song. Jumping up and down, heavenly screams, huge balloons, and colorful graphics, a taste of what was about to take place downtown on a Sunday night. 

Eventually like I said, it will hit you. That this is actually happening right before your eyes. For a lot of people this breaking point never comes, as most of them are there to enjoy the music and the handsome presences of Jared and Shannon. But not me. Or anybody who sees these guys from the same perspective. The tears kept running hot out of my eyes like I had been suffocating the whole time and not I was able to breathe again. All I kept thinking at this deep moment was “The man who saved me, the man who saved me, the man who saved me”. At some point I could really sing along, but at some other one, I wasn’t even able to do so. It is like this moment when you feel the absolute completeness and there is nothing more missing from your life. It is almost like you have started a new one. Like you have felt the touch and essence of what it would be like in a “brave new world”. The little girl who was locked up in a room in a shitty place, a shitty reality and a supposedly profound shitty future, was finally able to breathe. She found someone to “save her from the demons in her mind”. 

Sometimes I still believe that I am the little seventeen year old girl. And then I remember that I was saved. Saved by him. And his art. And after this, the story went “on and on and on.” 

Have you ever felt this way? About someone? Or something? About music? Or a higher belief? If so, then you know exactly what I am talking about. 

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get good pictures even though I have been trying to do so, so I thought about sharing a few that I think are the most decent ones, and also a few “stolen” from the 30STM story on Instagram last night. 

I hope that you will enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. And I truly hope that you feel this way about something higher, about maybe music, or arts, or sports, or anything that serves a meaningful purpose in life. I believe that this is when you truly discover yourself and your path in this world. 

Have you been part of the Monolith Tour so far? Are you going to be? I would love to hear your Mars experience! Until then, feel free to take a look at these pics! 

And remember “Whatever you do, don’t ever lose your faith”.  🙂 




“Live Like A Dream”

Hey guys!

So the time has finally come and these guys are going to be in town this Sunday. I cannot even put it in words how excited I am to be seeing them again after so many years. The emotions running strong through my body like not a single day has passed by.

I am pretty sure that those of you who love them as much as I do, have already listened to the new record, but in case you didn’t, I am putting the link right here 🙂


Are you going to be in the show on Sunday? If so, see you there!





Monolith Tour

Probably a lot of people including myself have been patiently waited for almost four years until Thirty Seconds to Mars release new music and new tour dates. Now as most of you already know, two tracks from their upcoming album have already been released, “Walk on Water” and “Dangerous night”. The band is starting their European tour tonight in Basel – Switzerland and visiting Sweden on two different dates, April 22nd and August 20th.

Click the link below to read a personal Thirty Seconds to Mars story of mine, including pictures of my 30STM tattoo.


Am I going to see you in any of these dates?


Here’s a sneak pic of the Monolith tour, posted at official Thirty Seconds to Mars Instagram about an hour ago, which for some reason has been already taken down.

See you this summer at the Monolith Tour! ❤




The End Of An Era

Hey my dear friends! A couple of days ago I read on Instagram that the Love Lust Faith Dreams tour came to an end. What can I say about Thirty Seconds to Mars, except the fact that they made me who I am today. I was blessed to join this tour twice, once in June 2013 and the second time in February 2014, both here in Stockholm. The first time I ever saw Thirty Seconds to Mars, I got picked to go up on the stage with them, in Gröna Lund.

All my teenage years passed by with me listening to this band and dragging strength and faith from their words. Watching Jared Leto in his movies and keeping having hope in my heart, thinking “ Someday.”

It was just this small thing back in the days, that no matter how much I felt connected with them through music, it just never seemed possible that I would be blessed one day to be there at their show. Living in a tiny town, almost not seen on the map, dreaming that one day you will be able to see 30 seconds to Mars would seem a fairytale. Or even if 30 seconds to Mars ever performed in my home country, I would never be able to see them, mostly because I would need to spend money that I never had. It was a lost cause anyway.

Up until that summer, when all I did was  just take the bus downtown, with a pair of leggings and a long blonde ponytail, when I joined the show, with an excitement and an energy that I barely had before.

The thing with such big bands for me was a bit different because, as soon as they came up on stage and I saw them, it felt for quite a few minutes like I was still home watching MTV. Like this moment is only in my head. Like an illusion.

After the first fifteen minutes of the show and when they started interacting with the audience, I actually felt that it was true. This moment actually existed. That it is indeed Jared Leto on the stage and he is performing right in front of my eyes. But it was not just it. About twenty minutes before the show ended, a security guy came along and reached out to me and a couple of kids next to me, asking if we wanted to join the band on the stage for the last song, “up in the air” .

That was a moment that up until today I cannot really believe it happened. I did indeed get up on stage with about fifteen more kids and stood right behind Jared and right in front of a crowd of about 15.000 people. The view was breathtaking. Magical. Jared, Shannon and Tomo were magical. As if all of  this was a “beautiful lie, such a beautiful lie to believe in..”

Was it a dream? Not at all.. I was standing there and Jared was standing right in front of me singing about Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams. I was standing there sharing the same space and the same air with the man that taught me how to believe. How the bridge between believing in your dreams and actually living your dreams, is hard work. How important it is to dream. To set no limitations and boundaries to your dreams. To do or die. To live, breathe and fight for yourself and your dreams. All of this was real. He was real. The music, the lights, the stage, the smoke, the passion, the faith and the 15.000 people in front of me were real. All of this as a reminder to what music is all about. To what life is all about.

Have you ever seen them live? Were you also a part of the Love Lust Faith Dreams tour? If so, I would love to read your experience, your emotions and everything that happened that day. At the end of the day, we all “under the banner of heaven dream out loud. “

Here is a little taste of the tour. 🙂 The first two pictures are from summer 2013, and the third one is from February 2014, all here in Stockholm. Have a great day / night my friends, with lots of music! 🙂


Triad Alert

These are my Thirty seconds to Mars triads from last summer and also this summer. Have a great day friends! ❤️



30 Seconds To Mars Live @ Gröna Lund

That night might as well have been the best night ever. I said it all day long that day and I will be saying it for as long as I wish. We went to see 30 seconds to Mars at Gröna Lund. I have loved Jared Leto since I was 16. I had spent one whole summer listening to just his music and watching his movies. He is so inspirational to me. He has such an angelic voice and it is perfectly combined with his angelic look.

The reason why I will never forget that night is because I had the chance to stand up on stage with him. It felt like a lie. When I was 16 and watched him on tv, he felt so far away like I will never actually be able to see him. And even if it was for a show, who would have thought that I will have him standing in front of me, jumping, screaming and dancing to their beautiful music. The whole night was a lie.

A while before the show started, a girl from the crew comes towards us and asks if we want to get up on stage, me and a couple of other girls. I thought she was kidding, but on the last song of the show she comes, points at us and says “come on”. So I realized she is not jerking around. My hands could not stop shaking, my heart was beating with 1000 beats per minute. It was Jared Leto standing in front of me and all of us standing if front of thousands of people.

I don’t really have a lot more to say, only that it was actually the best music experience, better than peace and love festival and it reminded me straight on why I want to work so much with music.

Here is all I have from that night. We love you ,too Mars, always did , always will.

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