What Lies Beneath

Hey folks! 

Last week I had the opportunity (along with very few people all across the globe) to be on a Rival Sons meet and greet at 4 Sound in Stockholm, and be one of the very few to have a hearing session of the new album “Feral Roots”, that is going to be released in the beginning of 2019. 

The experience was beyond cool, as I had the chance to pre order the new record and also be a part of an “interview” session with Scott and Jay. Rock Sverige was also present to shoot these special moments and also shoot us, the lucky ones, who had the chance to have a chat with the band and take a picture after the hearing session and the interviewing took place. 

Myself, I was amazed by how good and well made this new record sounds. I know that every time an artist releases a new record, it is “their best one yet”, but to use exactly Scott’s words “if they don’t say that in every record they make, they have no fucking idea what they are doing.” 

I had the chance along with almost 25-30 people to listen to four of the new songs, and after that to ask a question that Jay and Scott would gladly answer. But first things first; 

The Sons are releasing a new record in the beginning of 2019 called “Feral Roots”. Why would this record be any different than the ones already made? Because in my opinion, this record sounded much deeper than the previous ones. For me, the Sons have an imposing style and sound, and I cannot really think or name any other band that they can be compared to. It is not for an instance like you can say, “hey since you like this band, I’m pretty sure you’re gonna like how Rival Sons sound”. I cannot measure their art this way. So, having that said, if I wrote here, “the new album sounds like this, or like that, would it really do it any justice? If  you write some good words about the sound in a piece of paper or in a blog post would it do it any justice? I don’t really think so. Every artist has a vision,  and different styles of music and sound awaken emotions you never knew they existed. So how about saying this, that the very few songs I got to listen to, have been the internal soundtrack in my days, since last Friday. I absolutely love it when an artist, lyrically or musically touches the heart of an individual in a way that you never expected they would. But at the same time, musicians and artists in general are there to serve the art, so if they manage to do that, then they most certainly reached the absolute level of success. That’s always what I personally believe. 

After the hearing session, we had the chance, to ask Jay and Scott any question that would pop into our minds. I had of course a question myself but didn’t do it during this time, but later on when I got to meet them in person. 

Sweet and gentlemen as always, they welcomed me with open arms and warm hearted smiles, willing to answer anything that I would ask. A lot of times though, my concerns and questions have nothing to do with what I actually see and hear but with what lies behind. The mentality of a focused artist for example. We all know that the carrier of the Sons keeps going only upwards, so my main concern was this; what does an artist like them do in their every day life, in order for them to keep focused, be on the right track, and be productive. Any every day habits, rituals, or anything else that helps them feel focused on their goals, the main one of which is to serve their art. 

Well, as we were having a small chat with Jay and Scott, it made me realize that the answer lies beneath a lot of things that we all do in our every day life. First of all Jay really pointed out that we need to be gentle with ourselves. Don’t be too hard on them. Love them and don’t point out our flaws. As human beings, we are all flawed. But this is not the point. The point is to be gentle and love yourself. Secondly, take care of yourself, in terms of eating healthy, working out, praying and meditating. That way you will not keep falling for temptations like alcohol, late night stays, etc. “We all fell for that”, added Scott, but the more you grow up, the more focused you stay in the things that you love, so as they both mentioned, it is not about anything like this, and one of the most important things as well, is to surround yourself with good people and people that lift you up. 

In general, it’s been really a night worth remembering. I have never been up and close with a band like this before and this made my excitement and anticipation for the new record and the new tour double as much. 

What are your thoughts regarding music like this? Do you like the Sons? Have you ever seen them live? 

If not, feel free to click on the links below about previous posts of mine including live pictures, show reviews and plenty of Rival Sons material! 



Have a great, powerful rest of the week! 



Immortalize the special moments

Hey friends!


Last Thursday was a special one because the Rival Sons were in Sweden once again on their encore European tour for their latest record “Hollow Bones”. Not a lot of dates included on this tour of theirs, but some of them include opening for the most legendary band of all times- The Rolling Stones.

A couple of days ago the Sons were in Gothenburg- Sweden for a headline show, and we were there to immortalize those special live music moments.

Here’s a glimpse of what happened in Pustervik- Gothenburg last Thursday! I hope you enjoy taking a look as much as I enjoyed taking these pictures, and please feel free to share if you feel like it!

Have a great weekend everyone with lots of positivity and music!



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A music experience in an enchanted land

Hey friends and music lovers, 

Last night if you happen to be in Stockholm and know what’s up, The Rival Sons were in town, to perform for their very first time in the big scene at Gröna Lund. A lot of you might already know that Gröna Lund is a place of fantasies, that makes you feel like a child that stepped into an unknown and thrilling fairytale. Bright colors, intense voices and loud music are some elements that are already there, whether a band plays live or not. But how would you actually feel when a band that you admire plays in a venue like this? Well, let’s think about it as a sublime summer night. 

Even though a lot of great bands have already performed in Gröna Lund this summer, I had unfortunately not the chance to be there, so last night can be considered as my summer music highlight. The sun was up again in the evening and now there was only one thing left. Their performance, just as the sun was going down. And since it took place in a magical venue like this, allow me to introduce to you to one of my ultimate music confessions. 

 The set started off with Hollow bones pt.1, Electric man and Good luck, as the red curtain in the background was waving proudly through this musical revelation. And then the band has this creative ability to take you deeper into the wild with songs like torture and face of light. More intense, more intimate, more ecstatic. A little later, one of my most favorite songs Hollow bones pt. 2. Like a real, silent prayer that is meant to be screamed out loud. 

“Choose your love, choose your savior. When you’re down, when you’re weak, on your knees and you cannot sleep. Who’s gonna save you?” 

It is like certain people or certain music can bring so many emotions and feelings out of you that you didn’t even know they existed. Well in my case when I see them perform, this is what happens. Certain moments while their performance takes place that makes your heart skip a little, or maybe a lot. Every band member has solo moments throughout the set, guitar solo, drum solo, keyboard solo. When hypocrisy and fake attitudes swallow up your every day life, their performance is something real and raw that shakes you up. Wakes you up. Rare sound, with band members fully committing to what they do. They have a multifaceted understanding for the spectacle, an ability hard to find in most bands nowadays. 

I know that a lot of people including myself know what it is like to yearn for a life so distant that sometimes seems that it has never been anything more than a dream. But then all of a sudden music from a band like this comes along. And it is the doorway that stands between two worlds. In the willingness to go against all reason, all defenses, all habits, all patterns, and the unwillingness to fight for what you believe in. 

As human beings, our job in life is to help people realize how rare and valuable each one of us really is. That each of us has something that no one else has. Or never will have. Something inside that is unique. It is our job to encourage each other to discover that uniqueness and provide ways of developing its expression. It is our job to get lost in the endless possibilities that tomorrow will bring. How can we achieve that? Well, by supporting acts like this and let these pure moments of clarity wash us up. Wouldn’t you agree? 

If I am not mistaken, The Rival Sons are the band that I have seen most times performing. I have never supported any band so closely before, nor I had the chance to shoot so many times in any other band’s show. I think that this fact should speak for itself and louder than any words might on this post. The more you listen to their music, the more your mind opens. The more you have the chance to see them perform, the more you appreciate such an art form. It is different. It is more. It is definite. 

If you feel like it, please feel free to check out my previous review from a few months back, when the Sons performed in Annexet here in Stockholm. 


To sum up this music confession of mine, here are a few moments that were captured on my camera last night. 🙂 I will also be eventually uploading small videos from their performance on my Instagram page, join me to take a look! 


Have a great weekend friends, be kind to one another and enjoy the music in any form! 



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Rival Sons Show Review -Annexet Stockholm 2017.03.02

Hey guys! 

My previous post was all about capturing the magical moments of last night’s show on my camera lenses, now let’s try to put this night into actual words. Teatro Fiasco is the name of the new Rival Sons tour, as a complement of their new record “Hollow bones” that was released last June. The Sons were touring with Black Sabbath at the moment, so the actual headline tour came early in January 2017. In a lot of the European countries such as Copenhagen, the tour was actually sold out. And there is no wonder why. But what exactly is the concept and the thoughts behind such a unique rock and roll tour? Or better what does Teatro Fiasco include that no other rock band has included in their shows before? 

Let us start off step by step with the concept. Teatro Fiasco is divided into three sections. First off, the evening starts with Howie Pyro, a DJ and radio producer that has been good friends with the band for many years now. As you step into the venue, you hear 60s and 70s danceable rhythms and you get right into the mood. At the door, there are pretty girls waiting for you to hand you over the program and what exactly it is going to include. In that little leaflet, hard as it may be for you to believe, you are going to find every lyric of every Rival Sons song that has even been written. So, at that point you slowly start realizing and feeling the vibes. Another noticeable and memorable thing for a rock and roll band to embrace, is the visuals. During the time when the Dj is kicking it off, two screenplays on the right and left of the stage show 60s and 70s girls stripteasing and dancing off to the endless music that surrounds the venue. And just when you thought that you have realized and understood what is going to happen as the time passes by, here is one more surprise for you. Teatro fiasco includes another form of art that not many rock and roll bands can pull off; poetry. Derrick Brown, reads out loud poetry for all of us to enjoy. And yes, it might seem unusual. Or you might even say not interesting when you are waiting at the venue for your favorite band to jump on stage. But it is not that way at all. Poetry fits like a glove to this tour. To this band, to this form of music. Jay Buchanan says specifically that the main idea behind it was to engage another form of art as well in this tour, without just having band after band after band. And I completely agree I may say. 

The third and last part of the show is the part that I personally have patiently been waiting for, for more than five months now. It is the part where one of my favorite bands of all times, hits the stage and makes you believe that magic is real. It happens if you put five people together up on a stage and let them pick up their instruments and take you to a whole new level. 

My story with the Sons goes way back to 2014. Back then, just like now, they opened for big bands, but they also headlined in Europe. The difference that I noticed at myself when I listened to their music for the first time, was actually that I did listen and not see them up close. As I was standing far from the stage in the arena when they played with Aerosmith, I did listen and not get distracted by anything visually. All I could do was hear their sound. Something that doesn’t happen very often as sometimes you might get distracted by the lights, the people around, the flashy clothing colors or so. But what is it that speaks to you? Is it the sound or all the above? At that moment, which I will never forget, I felt that this sound is nothing like I have heard before. Scott Holiday’s guitar playing is nothing like what I have experienced before. It is imposing. Magnetizing I may say. Full of depth, like it touches straight the heart of music and sets you free.  Like it constantly pushes the envelope and invokes the spirit within. It is like you are trying to explain the greatness in words, but you are having a hard time, so you have to go ahead and do it. This is what Mr. Fuzzlord does. Something about it that it is unique to all time. And you can hear the uniqueness through his guitar strings and the developing of its expression. It is this sound that no matter what you are doing at the moment, no matter where you are or who you are with, you are going to pick your head up and go “What is the name of this band?” And I will be there to proudly let you know that their name is Rival Sons, they have been making music for quite sometime now, they come from Long Beach California, and you have to check them out. 

Last night’s performance included songs from all their records. They opened with the first three songs being from their latest record “Hollow bones”. First with “Hollow bones pt. 1”, followed by “Tied up” followed by “Thundering voices”. One of my favorite songs to watch live is and will always be “Electric man”, but I really looked forward to see “Hollow bones pt. 2” as it is my favorite one from the latest record. They played among others “Face of Light”, “Belle Star” , “Fade out”, “Open my eyes”,  and “Keep on swinging”. I truly believe that there is a chemistry so strong between this band’s members that is one of  the reasons why they are so unbelievably good. So good individually but incredibly good as a band as well, and no matter who I take with me every time they are in town, they will always say that they are a pure talent band to watch live. 

One more memorable thing from last night’s show was the Rival Sons photo book that launched a couple of weeks ago. I knew that I had to buy it since I first saw Jay talking about it and so I did. This photo book is a result of pictures that have been taken by photographer Andre Mittwollen the past six years in Germany and represent the band’s live show feelings as they have been touring in the different German cities this time. It is an amazing work and I am always interested in buying things like this, that are of limited edition and represent rare moments. I hope you are, too. ❤ 

Have you seen the Sons on this tour? What is your favorite song on their setlist? Is it one of their latest record? What do you think about the Teatro Fiasco concept? 🙂 

If you feel the same way as I do, and want to take a look on the moments captured on my camera, feel free to clink the links below, and to take a look on my Instagram page as I will also be uploading short clips. In the meantime, here is crazy us! I couldn’t be happier last night. And I wouldn’t be surprised if this band sells out arenas in a few years.  A stunning night to remember. ❤