Into The Night



Into The Night

Last night I was at Pub Anchor to see my friend Tim who was Djing there. There was also a band playing live! They’re called Fawlty Towers and I really loved their sound! 😊
I love walking on that street at Rådmansgatan, it is so beautiful and big and so full of lights!

Have a happy Sunday friends! ❤️


Last Friday Night

I found out a pic from last Friday night when I attended a Latin party with my sister at Klubb Göta. It is not really my kind if music but I did it for my sister’s sake haha! It was fun anyway!

Have a great day friends! God bless! 😄

© Shawn Malekifar


Partying Like Rockstars

A couple of days ago , I found out that last night Viktor N. was going to have a dj set at Sommar and of course I was there. He played on the exact set that I play when I play there!  And the music choices were a lot  impressive! He actually impressed me with one song that I used to listen a lot in Greece but have never heard it played out until last night!

I hadn’t been in Sommar for quite some time now, so I really missed partying like that!!! 😀


DSC_3576 copy

DSC_3582 copy

DSC_3589 copy

DSC_3598 copy





Photo by : Y+M



Here’s the song that I got impressed by :





I found out last night one of the pics from last weekend’s DJ Set at Sommar, on their fanpage on Facebook. 🙂


Photo by : Mikaela Pal