Can Never Count Me Out, Y’All Better Count Me In

Lat night DJ Khaled shared my picture on instagram and also followed back! I got so happy! And the picture has so many likes! We the best music, suffering from success – album coming out october 22nd. GET READY! 😀



Hit Up

A quick hit up with the latest releases by some of my favourite artists. 🙂




Off The Chain!!

Three words : OFF THE CHAIN! Last night was unbelievable for me. We organized a party at Bunker Bar, Södermalm,  me and my friend Alex, and the deal was to bring at least 50 people. 50 PEOPLE?? Last night was maybe 200 people and so many more waiting outside in the line to come in!! I hoped people would come to check us out and our music, but I had my doubts. Everything turned out perfect though, and I honestly believe that no party like ours has happened in that place before. We managed to turn our party into a complete success!

It was great, so much fun, I played all my favourite artists, YMCMB, DJ Khaled, R. Kelly, Chris Brown, and it was the first time that I got credits from people. I am so glad that people liked my music. It is a great motivation. And I really want to thank Alex for having this whole idea ( I’m sure we are going to make it happen again man! ) and Dimitris for coming last night to check us out. 🙂

Thank you guys and everyone who came last night!!


My Party’s outfit ❤



Christmas Djing!

So last night, I djed again at Tivoli, at the Hip Hop dancefloor. There was so much people! I played between 00.00-01.00, which means that I was second on the row, something that I was really nervous about. I was so worried to make sure that I adjust perfectly my music and not make mistakes at the same time, because people were already dancing and having fun. My hands were shaking the first minutes, till I made sure that everything is like it’s supposed to be and after that came all the fun part, seeing people dancing and enjoying your music! I hadn’t time to take pictures of me and my baby sister while we were playing but we  took pics of the colourful flashing lights on the dancefloors, something that I really love 🙂








If you are interested in the same music like me, I have created 5 different Hip Hop/ R n’ B tracklists on spotify with international music, one with swedish Hip Hop and one reggaeton/dancehall, you can check them out or subscribe 🙂


Enjoy! 🙂 ❤


Me Djing @Tivoli 2012.11.23

Last night was another memorable night in Stockholm city. It was my first time ever  playing outside in a real audience and not in my room anymore. I was so freaking nervous about what it was gonna be like. I wanted to be perfect!! 😀 So I went there really early to make sure I was completely ready. Tivoli is a beautiful club, it has so lovely decoration (that my friends Niklas and Jesper from Tillsammans Med took care of 😉 ) and it is just a place that I love being. I was the first one to go, starting playing at exactly 23,00 and for one hour. I played all my favourite songs both swedish hip hop and international, and I was really surprised when people enjoyed my music, danced and sang along with it.It is a great feeling, making people have fun!! 🙂


Da shit kraaaaaaaaaaaay last night!!!!!!!!!!!!



Baby sister helping me out! ❤


Full – packed in our Hip hop dancefloor!! 😀


The house / electro dancefloor


The Pop/Rock dancefloor



My name was everywhere! 😀


And the drinks were on the house! 😀


A sample of what I played, Södra Sidan, Alpis and Näääk o Nimo of course would not be missing! My favourites!  ❤


City Christmas lights






N’ Bullshit and Partying !!! @Tivoli 2012.11.03

Halloween is not over yet, obviously, since, this weekend is celebrated BIG TIME! Last night we were at “Sommar”, or how you call it , “Tivoli”. I love the fact that in this club, there is a danceflour for every type of music. I spent my time listening to hard beats you know 😉 Not a lot to be said, I think the pictures speak for themselves!!

Sister Love

Sveriges Ungdomsentreprenör 2012 @Fryshuset 2012.10.25

Last night was a very educative night for me and I guess for many other young people who were at Fryshuset.

It was a night dedicated to young people who have the vision to run their own business. To help that process come along, there were people who already do that, so that they give tips and advice to the youth, and to basically be there to help  them to follow their dreams. It was very inspiring specially when every business man started to describe their own story, saying how they  first started, with no idea of how their business was going to turn out, and with no money. Actually starting from a point when you only have your vision and yourself. People are not always willing to help, you have problems with managing your money, you get dissapointed and laughed maybe by people, because you sometimes seem to have too big plans and visions…. But that night was to confirm and at the same time prove all this wrong. One of these business men said something very typical but true : ” Nothing is impossible. You are going to face hard situations but don’t be afraid of them, this is just a part of it”.

So the main idea was to fight- work hard for the things you love, believe and compare yourslef with the best of them. This is how you are going to help yourself develop.  At least this is what I got from all of this. 🙂

There was also live music from BABA recordings and DJing from my school SELECT DJ. I met my teacher Micheal after a long time and had a great time! I also talked to a lot of artists from Baba recordings and got in contact with many people 🙂



Beautiful decoration!



And Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream!


Live music from BABA recordings


My vamp sister Joanne


Me and my too big vision (so big it couldn’t fit in the picture! 😀 )


And, last night was the first snowing night in Stockholm for 2012!