First Time In Greece

Hey guys!

One of my absolutely favorite bands of all times has recently announced some headline European music dates, including their first show ever in Greece. Volbeat are out on tour again, with some American touring dates, followed by a short tour in Europe including festival shows but also some headline ones.

This July the Danish\ American band is about to play their first ever show in Greece, as a part of the greek Rockwave festival in Athens on the 20th of July.

Are you going to be joining any of the following dates?

Click the link below to see full concert material of Volbeat playing at Friends arena- Stockholm this past September, as a part of their “Seal the deal and let’s boogie tour”, along with a personal Volbeat story of mine. 🙂

(Pictures taken by official Volbeat Instagram).


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Add Up

Hey friends!

Felt like I wanted to add up a few more pictures that I found on my phone from Volbeat’s concert here in Stockholm and Friends Arena a couple of weeks ago. Feel free to share! 🙂







For Evigt

Hey friends!

It looks like 2017 is going to be a great year! A couple of days back Volbeat announced a new, bigger, louder, European Stadium tour which is going to take place in August- September 2017. This time the production is going to be the biggest one ever and the set list is going to include songs that have never been played live before.

You can buy your tickets for Sweden via Live Nation, just follow the link below! 🙂

And don’t forget to take a look on their official website for more info of the confirmed shows so far:—92-.html

Looking forward to it! How about you?






“Sold my soul and signed my name in blood”

Hey Friends!

A couple of weeks ago Volbeat’s new video “Seal the deal and let’s boogie” was released, from their latest record, and along with that a couple of days back, a live video performing Evelyn, on the latest tour with Dave Martise from Jungle Rot in Chicago Illinois.

If you like Volbeat, please feel free to check out my previous posts from their performances in Stockholm in Summer and fall 2016.

Have a great day / night my friends with lots of music and positivity! 🙂



Seal The Deal And Let’s Boogie

Hey Dear Friends!

Last night Volbeat were in town as a part of their “Seal the deal and let’s boogie” European tour. Before Stockholm, there was Malmö and Gothenburg and now the tour continues to Finland and Norway.

I have mentioned before how much I admire Volbeat and deeply appreciate their music in a post of mine from last summer, here is a link to check it out if you feel the same way!  🙂

The show last night also included Airbourne and Crobot as opening acts. Unfortunately I was not approved by Live Nation to shoot at their show, but I wanted to upload a couple of pictures anyway to give you a taste of last night’s concert.

I hope you enjoy my story-telling on the link above and my not-so-good quality pictures just as much as you enjoy Volbeat’s music, and also hope for you to have a great Sunday evening and an even greater blessed new week with lots of music!



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