Shawty Wanna Thug

A couple of pictures of our kick- ass dj set last night! 😀

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Laughing Like Never Before

Last night we were out with our fabulous friend Chris and his friends. We went downtown at Sommar. It is so beautiful this time of the year. I couldn’t even count how many different dance floors they have now, inside and out, and the best thing, this time of the year it doesn’t get dark at all. Just a deep blue color in the sky around 12 in the night and then starting getting bright again. We had so much fun, laughed so much, danced, great music with good friends around. Perfect. The best thing in the night : One guy comes towards me on the dance floor , he looks at me and says ” U look like an artist that comes from Albania.” I think to myself and reply saying ” I am sorry I don’t really know any artists from Albania!” He says “No, you definitely look like her, I will google her name wait”.  So , I wait and after a second he comes back and says “Her name is Rita Ora!!! ” I started jumping up and down thanking the poor kid 100 times hahaha! I say  “You said from Albania, I consider her more english, because she was born in Albania,but she was raised in London”. He says “Yeah, no matter what you look like her! ” haha, one of the best things ever! 😀











Last night I dj:ed at Sommar with the girls! It was so much fun , I hadn’t done it in a while now, so it felt super cool again! Music  makes me always feel so complete. Every time I put on a song that I love and I see people dancing and having fun with it, it’s just one of the best feelings ever. 😀









Off The Chain!!

Three words : OFF THE CHAIN! Last night was unbelievable for me. We organized a party at Bunker Bar, Södermalm,  me and my friend Alex, and the deal was to bring at least 50 people. 50 PEOPLE?? Last night was maybe 200 people and so many more waiting outside in the line to come in!! I hoped people would come to check us out and our music, but I had my doubts. Everything turned out perfect though, and I honestly believe that no party like ours has happened in that place before. We managed to turn our party into a complete success!

It was great, so much fun, I played all my favourite artists, YMCMB, DJ Khaled, R. Kelly, Chris Brown, and it was the first time that I got credits from people. I am so glad that people liked my music. It is a great motivation. And I really want to thank Alex for having this whole idea ( I’m sure we are going to make it happen again man! ) and Dimitris for coming last night to check us out. 🙂

Thank you guys and everyone who came last night!!


My Party’s outfit ❤



Night Out!

Last night we were out (once again) ! I have been a lot out lately haha! But it happens you know, you can go out and not spend so much money, as long as you have the mood and good frriends around . 🙂








Night Out!

Those moments when you just wanna listen to Kanye West, 50Cent, DMX and YMCMB. So we were at the Hip Hop dancefloor at Tivoli 🙂 So much fun once again!