Goodbye Kristian

This morning I found out about Kristian. God knows how inspirational he and the band have been to me since I was 15 years old. I wish he knew that.  I don’t have anything to say or write really except to express my deepest sorrow. Moments like that make me realize how unfair this life can be and at the same time how lucky we should feel every day for being alive and healthy. Goodbye Kristian till we meet again. I am sure you are in a better place now where you can find peace. ❤

Kristian Gidlund studio



There are literally no words to describe this roadtrip. First because I had so much anticipation for the show that I was about to see. I had attended the Infruset tour before , but this time I knew that it would be different because it will be at the land of Mando Diao, Borlänge. Throughtout the whole trip, I had my headphones on, with a Mando diao and Sugarplum Fairy jam, both new and old songs.

The thing is that I had done this roadtrip once before, when I was at Peace and Love festival 2012. What can I say about the natural beauty of this land. The lakes, the little red houses, the sunlight, the endless magic that I felt all over the place.

When we finally arrived, all I cared about  was to take a good spot and hold my camera tight. As we walked in, I found out that no proffessional cameras were allowed, only pocket ones. So I had to shoot with my cell phone, equally okay I would say, but I feel more secure with my camera lately.

There was so much people, smiling, waiting for what was about to start. I once again couldn’t hold my feelings inside, I smiled to everyone I saw, like I kind of recognized that I am finally here. I can’t really explain how I felt, there were so many emotions, happiness, anticipation, relief, excitement, soul –searching, happiness for myself and my dreams, some moments I wanted to break down into tears, some moments I wanted to hug every single person in the park, so lots of different and mixed feelings.

When finally the moment arrived and Mando came up on stage, it was so beautiful and amazing like I thought it would be. There was so much silence in between the songs, just like everyone was hanging by the band’s words. I have not seen that before in a show. So much respect and appreciation by the audience.

Somewhere in the middle of the show, Viktor Noren came up on stage and sang with Gustaf  Sugarplum fairy’s hit ” Sweet Jackie” as a dedication to the band’s member Kristian, who is suffering from cancer and was not able to play with Sugarplum fairy that night.

I used to listen to that song when I was 15 and watch these guys in their leather jackets on german MTV, because this MTV was the only  free- available back in the days that I lived in my hometown. Being able to listen to that song now, live , in both of my favourite bands’ hometown, it felt finally like one of my biggest goals has been achieved. I felt relieved and also grateful for life. It also felt magical. Like the time had stopped and there was noone else in the room, just a stage with Gustaf playing the piano and Viktor singing.

A while before the show ended, the guys played ”God knows”, ”Gloria” and ”Dance with somebody”. At that point there was so much fun to see both the band and the audience enjoyed the show so much. Jumping, dancing, singing along, so amazing. Flashing lights, energy, smiles, ”Borlänge, ni är fantastiska”, so many heartbeats within every second. For me, for music, for my sister who has been with me and Mando music since day one, for Sweden, for Borlänge, for life.

When the show finally ended, I didn’t really want to come back to Stockholm, but I had to. On our way back, as the night had come, I didn’t want to fall asleep, but to have Mando and Sugarplum in my headphones, specially old ballads (”Crystal” , one of my favourites) and just watch our car go by  these beautiful lakes, the little Borlänge houses inside the woods, and realise that one part of me and my love for music has been left behind, at this little town that I wanted to visit since I was 15, this little town that has raised my two favourite bands, to who I owe so much and will always be grateful for.

Once again thank you, if I haven’t already said that so much this summer, and also thank you for being so professional with your work. I can gladly say that it is bands like you who make people believe in music and have hope in the every day life. I love you Mando, hope to see you soon again, hopefully in your hometown.

Here are the moments captured on my i Phone 5 camera, let me know what you think on the comment area below and  how you felt if you have been part of this these two days! 😀

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Jump and touch the sky 😀

photo-152 copy


Heard About It Yet?

Last night I’ve read on instagram that Sugarplum Fairy will not be attending Mando Diao’s two shows at Borlänge on the 30th and 31st of august, due to Kristian’s health condition. I have also read in the newspaper in the beginning of the summer that Kristian from Sugarplum Fairy is suffering from cancer. It is so sad to hear that and to actually hear that they are not going to be able to be a part of the shows. To be really honest , I have already seen the Infruset Tour twice already and this time I bought the tickets also because Sugarplum fairy were going to be part of it as well. It would feel so great if I could see both of my two favorite bands perform together in their hometown. I am sure a venue like that must have taken place again in the past , but unfortunately I was not here to watch it.

Let’s hope Kristian gets better soon and also hope for many more Sugarplum Fairy shows to come in the future. Get well Kristian! ❤

For more info, you can read the press message by Live Nation (in swedish) :



I found out some great news today and I think anyone who loves Mando Diao and Sugarplum Fairy will agree.

I think it is the best way to end the summer by joining this show. Mando Diao will be having a concert at their hometown Borlänge, along with Sugarplum Fairy, on the 31th of august. It may actually be a bit early to say if I can go or not , but I will definitely try my best! I think it will be a great feeling seeing my two favorite bands live again and specially in their hometown. I have only been in Borlänge once before, and it felt great. I was actually thinking of traveling there this summer, just for fun , but now I can do it with a reason!

I really hope I will be able to go!

The tickets for this show will be released on friday!

All love. 🙂


A Great Experience

I didn’t have time to check out and translate what I saw about Peace and Love Festival on tweets and internet yesterday, so I saw it today on the newspaper. The first sentence I read was “2012 was the last year of Peace and Love festival”. My mind went insane for so many reasons but most of all because I realized what I had managed to do without even knowing it. I managed to go to the last Peace and Love festival , that took place last year in Borlänge. That day was one of the best days of my life. The emotions were way too many and they cannot be expressed in actual words. But I will give it a shot.

The thing is we wanted to see Hoffmaestro live in one of the biggest festivals in this land. I was familiar with Peace and Love  ever since I lived in Greece. I had watched so many videos on youtube by Mando Diao who performed live there so many times. So I didn’t spend any money, but save all of it for there and for the train tickets. We took the train early morning so we were there around 13.00.

When we arrived, we had no idea which direction we should go , so that we find the entrance. I also had no clue that there are 5 different stages. I thought there was only one. So we kept rolling around town, in the little streets of Borlänge for almost 3 hours. There was people everywhere, literally everywhere. The streets, the stores, the balconies, everywhere. Everyone I asked for directions kept saying “follow the crowd”. The thing is that there was crowd everywhere! After almost 3 , 5 hours we find the main entrance, because we had to turn our tickets into bracelets. Once we do that, we are officially in. There was little merchandize stores, music coming from everywhere and food. We waited for the time to pass so that we can take a good place in the crowd before Hoffmaestro start playing. We also saw live around 17.00 Sugarplum Fairy, in  a smaller stage. Around 19.00, the crowd started gathering and I realize that the big moment is about to come. Lighs, stamina, action, a helicopter on the air showing proudly the number of the tickets sold that year on P n’ L and a big screen about to start showing the show. Once Hoffmaestro came out,  jumping and screaming were the main things that were all over the place.

What I didn’t see coming was that, a little while before the show ends, Jerry Hoff comes jumping right next to me. Literally right next to me. I didn’t really see him coming, but I started feeling so much pressure by people pushing me  and pulling me so hard, not in a good way. Then I pull my head up and I see him right in front of me, with two guards holding him from his pants. The only thing I was able to do, was to move my wrist and fingers. So, since I already had the camera in my hands, I press the button and take two pics that will remain in my history. Hahaha! I am so proud of these pictures, like they are something precious along with all the experience. Once the Hoffmaestro show was done, we were about to leave  since we were not going to stay there for the night.

Peace and Love is one of the experiences everyone had to live. While I was leaving , I kept thinking that the next time I go there, it will be because I will be working with some artist that will perform there. I unfortunately won’t have this chance, since this was the last year Peace and Love took place. But what I will always remember is that I managed to go in one of this land’s biggest festivals, seeing two of my favorite bands performing live and know that I managed to do something great for myself and my love for music.







I know Viktor Noren of course. I also know Samuel Giers from Mando Diao and Jonas Karlsson from Sugarplum Fairy. Now the three of them have created a new band called “Viktor And The Blood”.

If anyone is a constant reader of my blog, they are going to find out really soon that Mando Diao and Sugarplum Fairy are the reason why I was inspired to move and live in this country. And the great thing is that now I have the chance to talk about them, blog about them and the most important see them perform live. One of these moments is going to be on the 17th of May since Viktor and The Blood are going to perform live in Stockholm at Debaser Medis. I really cannot wait to see this show and listen to their new music. Their EP was released on the 29th of April and it’s now available  on spotify. Their first video for this EP called ” Kicks out on a Saturday night” was released some days ago and it’s available on Youtube. I have listened to their new work and I have to say that it is a bit more rock – ish in my opinion than Sugarplum Fairy used to sound like, but I also have to say that I think this style suits better to Viktor Noren! His voice sounds more  deep than before and you can still see elements of Mando Diao and Sugarplum fairy on their new work.

You can take a look here and see how I was inspired by them and check out a couple of Sugarplum Fairy pics by last year’s Peace and Love Festival at Borlänge – Dalarna :

Also their new EP here :

And  their new video here :

More info about Viktor and the Blood on their official Facebook fanpage :

And their official webside :


(Photo taken from their official fanpage on Facebook).

I will see you in Stockholm guys!

If you are  interested in their music like me  and want to see them live in Stockholm here is their event info :

Work , Work , Work!!

In a couple of days we have our öppet hus exhibition in college and I started working today on what I want to present. It will be a very big poster with the most known pictures on my blog, from all my favourite artists and from many different events like hip hop battles, gigs, festivals, release parties. Who will be included – exposed in it are : Mando Diao , Hoffmaestro, Sugarplum Fairy, Alpis, Södra sidan, Näääk , Nimo, Kartellen, EASAS (En annan sida av Sverige) , Max Peezay and Matte Caliste. There is also going to be a short text presentation of it which more or less goes like this : “The main idea for my project was to inspire people who live in other countries, through the swedish hip hop and the life in the suburbs of Stockholm, just like I was when I lived in Greece”. Also to introduce this type of music and lifestyle to other people from an “outsider’s ” perspective, since I was not born and raised here in Sweden. There is a lot of material from live shows, hip hop battles and pictures from the most known suburb areas in Stockholm city” . Yup, that’s it! I took the below sneak pics to show how the process goes and I will be working on it tomorrow and on Thursday also. Feel free to come check out my project and everyone else’s in our class on the 3rd and 4th of may, 11.00 – 15.00 , Skärholmsgången 2 , T – Bana Skärholmen.

See you there!!




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