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A couple of pictures of our kick- ass dj set last night! 😀

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Partying Like Rockstars

A couple of days ago , I found out that last night Viktor N. was going to have a dj set at Sommar and of course I was there. He played on the exact set that I play when I play there!  And the music choices were a lot  impressive! He actually impressed me with one song that I used to listen a lot in Greece but have never heard it played out until last night!

I hadn’t been in Sommar for quite some time now, so I really missed partying like that!!! 😀


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Photo by : Y+M



Here’s the song that I got impressed by :





I am playing music again thisSaturday at Sommar! I am playing of course at the hip hop dance floor , come check me out if you wanna listen to some beats! See you there! 😀



Night Out!

Those moments when you just wanna listen to Kanye West, 50Cent, DMX and YMCMB. So we were at the Hip Hop dancefloor at Tivoli 🙂 So much fun once again!







Night Out!

Last night me and my vamp sistah  were out downtown and specifically at Tivoli 🙂 It has been a while since we were there last time, so this made it dubble fun haha! 😀









Christmas Djing!

So last night, I djed again at Tivoli, at the Hip Hop dancefloor. There was so much people! I played between 00.00-01.00, which means that I was second on the row, something that I was really nervous about. I was so worried to make sure that I adjust perfectly my music and not make mistakes at the same time, because people were already dancing and having fun. My hands were shaking the first minutes, till I made sure that everything is like it’s supposed to be and after that came all the fun part, seeing people dancing and enjoying your music! I hadn’t time to take pictures of me and my baby sister while we were playing but we  took pics of the colourful flashing lights on the dancefloors, something that I really love 🙂








If you are interested in the same music like me, I have created 5 different Hip Hop/ R n’ B tracklists on spotify with international music, one with swedish Hip Hop and one reggaeton/dancehall, you can check them out or subscribe 🙂


Enjoy! 🙂 ❤