First Time In Greece

Hey guys!

One of my absolutely favorite bands of all times has recently announced some headline European music dates, including their first show ever in Greece. Volbeat are out on tour again, with some American touring dates, followed by a short tour in Europe including festival shows but also some headline ones.

This July the Danish\ American band is about to play their first ever show in Greece, as a part of the greek Rockwave festival in Athens on the 20th of July.

Are you going to be joining any of the following dates?

Click the link below to see full concert material of Volbeat playing at Friends arena- Stockholm this past September, as a part of their “Seal the deal and let’s boogie tour”, along with a personal Volbeat story of mine. 🙂

(Pictures taken by official Volbeat Instagram).


Irene Image-2 (1)





Monolith Tour

Probably a lot of people including myself have been patiently waited for almost four years until Thirty Seconds to Mars release new music and new tour dates. Now as most of you already know, two tracks from their upcoming album have already been released, “Walk on Water” and “Dangerous night”. The band is starting their European tour tonight in Basel – Switzerland and visiting Sweden on two different dates, April 22nd and August 20th.

Click the link below to read a personal Thirty Seconds to Mars story of mine, including pictures of my 30STM tattoo.

Am I going to see you in any of these dates?


Here’s a sneak pic of the Monolith tour, posted at official Thirty Seconds to Mars Instagram about an hour ago, which for some reason has been already taken down.

See you this summer at the Monolith Tour! ❤




Immortalize the special moments

Hey friends!


Last Thursday was a special one because the Rival Sons were in Sweden once again on their encore European tour for their latest record “Hollow Bones”. Not a lot of dates included on this tour of theirs, but some of them include opening for the most legendary band of all times- The Rolling Stones.

A couple of days ago the Sons were in Gothenburg- Sweden for a headline show, and we were there to immortalize those special live music moments.

Here’s a glimpse of what happened in Pustervik- Gothenburg last Thursday! I hope you enjoy taking a look as much as I enjoyed taking these pictures, and please feel free to share if you feel like it!

Have a great weekend everyone with lots of positivity and music!



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Oslo Day 2

Today has been such an exhausting day! I just got back to the hotel, and it has not gotten dark yet even though it’s 12.07 am! That’s what I love about the Scandinavian nights. 🙂 It never gets dark.

Today we had a huge walk downtown, checked out some stores and monuments and also had a lot of food and coffee. I think that Oslo is a lot like Stockholm, but at the same time, the vibe here is smoother and also a bit more relaxed than Stockholm. As about the language, people say that it is kinda like portuguese and spanish. You understand what they are saying but at the same time you miss out a lot haha!

Best part of the day, a guy stops me on the street and says “You look like Lady Gaga” . 😀 I was like “Thanks dude, I love her! ”

This is what I captured today. Tomorrow back to Stockholm. It’s gonna be a 6 hours car ride and it is gonna make me sick, but it is worth it! I really liked this town! 😀

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