The Black Veil Brides Show 2015.03.30

There has been a lot of traveling lately from my side and unfortunately I was not able to post here, but wanted to make a post about The Black Veil Brides show since I’ve been there last week.

I was really looking forward to it but my impressions and experience were kind of mixed. Let’s start with the fact that there was a huge pause between the supporting act and the main act, something that in my opinion does not really make your adrenaline pump out even more, until the moment that you see your band coming out on stage, but it makes you feel a lot bored almost ready to get pissed off.

The second and most important part, always talking in my opinion, is that Andy was not really what I expected from a vocalist. He was on and off the tone all time time. I had read while before the show in Stockholm that they had to cancel a show somewhere here in Europe due to Andy’s voice condition. And then they got back on track for the rest of the tour. So this makes me wonder a bit, if your voice is not okay to sing on a tour, why do you do it? I know that the 14 year old kids would be happy to see you anyway but I also know that there are people in shows who are there for the music and not for the pretty faces or the tones of beer.

All in all, I never talk bad about bands, I totally understand how much effort and energy a tour needs, how many people have to work for it and how much money loss there is when a show is cancelled, but I also want to be honest when I write things about the shows I check out and the bands that I like or happen to see, and most important I want to be honest towards whoever chooses to read this review because this is the reason I started this blog in the first place. 🙂

Unfortunately I did not have a photo pass and was standing a lot far from the stage so the pics are a lot blurry and I apologize for this.

Have a great day my music friends! 🙂




Heart On Fire

A couple of days ago I bought tickets to see the Black Veil Brides here in Stockholm, in March. To be really honest when I first checked them out about two years ago, I was not really sure I liked them, but their last album made me change my mind. They have changed both their sound and their looks since they first started and that’s what I like about them. I hope I get a photo pass too to have photos otherwise I will enjoy the show. My favorite song by them is “Heart on Fire” from their latest record. How about you ? Are you going to any Black Veil Brides show in Europe? 😀

OUTLOUD @ Stockholm Rocks Festival

So last night I saw OUTLOUD live for the first time. They said it was their first time playing in a gig that was not actually in Greece. They are such an energetic band to watch live. These melodic rock tunes, combined with Chandler’s edgy voice, it’s just a perfect match. Their mood was great, their smiles and their attitude filled up the place straight at once. People seemed to be enjoying it a lot and also the fact that they are originated from Greece, made most of the swedish audience to appreciate their playing even more. As soon as their show was done, I met them also backstage and I have to say that they are such kind people in person as well. We talked about music, Sweden and Greece and basically their lives as artists. I hope they come again soon, it would be great meeting them again and of course see them play live. If you love music like this as much as I do, here’s a spotify link from their latest album and also their Youtube channel for their videos and updates.

Here’s the moments captured on my camera, I hope you enjoy! 😀

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Stockholm Rocks

As I had already  written about it, last night was Stockholm Rocks festival. I had such an amazing time, even though I was tired to death. I hadn’t slept for two days with school and classes and team work, but once I got there and the live music started, as usual, I forgot about everything else and just lived for the moment. Last night was special for one more reason and this is the fact that I got to know in person my greek friends OUTLOUD. I knew that they were greek, that’s why I sneaked backstage and hanged out with them. It was my first time actually backstage and it was an amazing feeling. It feels so good getting to know kind people through music. This is why I do it and why I will be forever devoted to its kingdom. 🙂 ❤


IMG_8521 IMG_8524 IMG_85272014-11-07 21.05.57



Stockholm Rocks

This Friday it’s time for Stockholm Rocks again! It takes place at Tyrol – Gröna Lund with pretty much the same concept only different bands! You can check them out below and also on their website where’s a link for tickets as well, .
I’m having press access at the venue. Will I see you there? 😄❤️


Reckless Love @ Stockholm Rocks

My absolutely favorite band from last night was Reckless Love. What can I say about them, I love their music, their style, their attitude, pretty much everything about them. It was their first time performing here in Stockholm (and I was there ha! ) and also it was their first show for their Euro tour this year. I had the chance to meet Hessu a little while before these guys hit the stage. I love this band!

Here’s what I captured on my camera and also a short video from my Instagram page. Enjoy!! 😀


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