Creative moments

My sister’s taken a few pictures of me this last weekend since the weather was so sweet. 😄







Same DNA, But Born This Way

I bought another T- shirt that came on my mail last night. This one is Lady Gaga, from the Born this way era. I got a lot of people on Instagram telling me that they like my style and sense of fashion so I thought I should upload some tips on the blog more often. So for this summer as you may have noticed , I bought a lot of t shirts , mostly from legendary bands like The Rolling Stones, Guns N’ Roses, Aerosmith and of course some new Lady Gaga ones. 🙂


Ps : I’ve noticed that I have gained really many followers on the blog, thank you so much for following me, I hope you like my posts and my music taste! 😀



The Boys Are In The City

Last night Viktor and The Blood were having a gig here in Stockholm. It was so good seeing them live again. It was their first time playing in Stockholm after releasing their first record a couple of months ago. I am deeply in love with their music and to be honest I love their new record. I had a feeling last summer when they released their EP, that the record was going to be really well made, and I was right. I have been following this band whether it was Sugarplum fairy or Viktor and The Blood since day one that I moved to Sweden, simply because I love them.

The only thing that makes me think a bit “more” when I see them live or think  about them, is that sometimes I feel that they should get more attention that they already have now. And by that I mean that they are good in what they do, their music is well made, but for some reason that I still cannot figure out, the people that they gather in their shows is not as much as it should be. I don’t really know whether it is because of the town that we live in, or because of the record label, or the management, but at the end of the day it is not my call to make. I hope in the future their label or management figures that out and have more attention and support here and basically everywhere. 🙂

Here’s the moments captured in my camera. If you ‘re curious to have a taste of last night’s feelings, here’s a link of my Instagram page, as I have filmed two short videos.


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Let It Die

New video release by Viktor and The Blood! The new video is called “let it die” and it is included in their new album.

They are going to perform here in Stockholm on the 19th of March so I will probably  check them out  and have a lot of pictures. If you are interested too, keep an eye on my posts! 🙂

Apocalypse Right Now

So obviously this is the title of Viktor and The Blood’s first album! As I have read on their Facebook fanpage ” This is the beginning of a very longlasting, beautiful friendship.” Sounds really promising!

I would describe it as “pure rock with maybe touches of classic pop”. In my opinion it is really smart to release an album in the beginning of the year because then you have the whole year and of course summer ahead of you to promote it and also tour. I like their sound, I have always liked it and can’t wait for the tour dates here in Stockholm, I will definitely be there!

My favorite song so far is “Not worth a second of my time”. Want to check out the album as well? Here is the Spotify link!




2013 Highlights

2013 has been pretty great for me. 🙂 I danced on stage with Jared Leto and 30 seconds to Mars, I watched Jason Derulo from a breath-distance, I saw Fun live, I dj:ed so many times through the summer, I got a lot of press-passes as a blogger to shoot bands ad artists in festivals /gigs / events, I was pretty much in every single Mando Diao show in Stockholm and also travelled to Borlänge to see them live at their last tour show with Sugarplum fairy, I have also travelled for vacation after 2 years of straight working – studying, I watched Viktor and the Blood in pretty much every show in Stockholm and also been or P3 Sveriges radio live with them on stage. Not bad at all I would say! I hope 2014 is so much more creative and fun for me and my creative nature 😀 😀 . I wish all of you who will be out there partying hard to keep going and have fun in the best way possible. Be safe friends, see you all in 2014 with many more bands and music!!!!